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3 Basic Tips on How to Improve Your Golf Swing

It’s one of the most infuriating parts of golf. Getting your swing to work consistently time after time. Wishing you could be certain that every time you hit off the tee you’ll strike that ball straight, true and a long long way.

Golf Swing Basics – Learn the Secrets For Instant Golfing Improvement

Do you know why you are failing to post better golf scores? Sort out the basic elements of the golf swing and see your results improve almost instantly. Master the golf swing mechanics which will help you hit consistently with every club in the bag. Learn the importance of controlling your head position and impress your friends with vastly improved results.

Are You Ready For an Indoor Putting Green?

How do you choose an indoor putting green? Considerations to keep in mind when buying an indoor putting green.

The Masters – Tiger Returns

The Masters Golf Tournament runs from April 8-11, 2010 and it’s the site of Tiger Woods’ return to golf. It’s a special place and is perfect for the return to competitive golf by the world’s greatest golfer! Only the special golf patrons at Augusta National will maintain their decorum and dignity and he’s counting on this! It has such tradition and Tiger owes the Masters organizing committee due to his past performances and their hospitality.

Eliminating the Embarrassing Golf Swing Slice

Have you ever tried to imagine winning the golf game that you are playing and then after swinging with all your might, the ball just went to the opposite direction where you imagined it to land? This embarrassing moment in your golfing is called golf swing slice. This golf swing slice is a slight change of direction of the golf ball where you intended it to go.

Improving Your Playing Skills Through Online Golf Lessons

Golf is probably one of the most famous sports in the whole world. Men and women all over the world do not simply enjoy every swing that they make but also feel the thrill just before they hit the golf ball. Of course, it takes a lot of practice and discipline for you to make a good swing.

Overcoming Difficulties by Learning Golf Lessons Online

Have you ever seen professional golf players display their unerring skills lately? Have you ever wished that kind of golf skills are yours? Well now there is an option for you to become as skilled as your favorite golf players.

Golf Tips – Understanding the Physics Behind the One Plane Golf Swing

There are plenty of ways in order to make a successful swing in golf. However, swinging without understanding the principles behind it is not enough. Golf experts categorize every golf player into two – the two plane golf swing players and the one plane golf swing players.

How to Let Go of Bad Shots in Golf

You’ve seen it happen, maybe it’s even happened to you. A golfer is playing great, everything is flowing and they seem unstoppable. Then something unexpected happens.

Improved Golf Swing – Your Most Important Lesson Ever

Once you have gained control of the basic shape of the swing, the swing really becomes simpler. I used to work at a golf shop, and one of my bosses is a really, really good player and I would always ask him what the secrets to his swing were. After a while, he didn’t really like when I asked him because every time he would reply, “just hit the ball.”

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