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Are You Losing Strokes by Not Implementing These 15 Basic Putting Fundamentals?

Putting is the most vital aspect within the game of golf and no professional has ever won a major tournament putting poorly. There is nothing more frustrating than playing a decent round of golf only to end the day with a lousy score because of the number of missed putts.

Looking For Golf Putting Training Aids? Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Your Putting!

Valuable information and tips on golf training aids to really help you with your putting. Putting at golf has many times been said to be a game all on it’s own and, to a certain extent, that’s very correct.

Looking For Golf Putting Tips? Secrets the Pros Use to Sink More Putts and Shoot Great Golf Scores!

The best way to make quick improvement from your putting is to spend more time working on your distance control. Why is this? The majority of your approach shots will most likely end up leaving you a medium to long range distance putt from the flagstick.

I Love When Tiger Gets Mad!

I love to watch the best player in the world get FURIOUS on the golf course. What if you could be fully engaged in the disappointment of a missed shot at a crucial time and allow yourself to be FURIOUS for a MOMENT and not for the next three holes?

Coming to Play Links Golf From Overseas? Some Tips to Help You

If you are used to playing on the lush green turf of an American golf course and you have booked a holiday to play in the UK on links courses. These are a few pointers you may wish to consider.

Can Tiger Make it Number 15?

Can Tiger Woods win next weeks Open at Turnberry and draw level with his pal Roger Federer with fifteen major wins? Coming off the back of a win last week, like the last US Open, Tiger will be a hard man to bet against. It is very hard to find any negatives to put against him.

Golf Course Manager – Head Greenkeeper – What is the Difference?

What is the difference between a Golf Course Manager and Head Greenkeeper? You might say that a Golf Course Manager is somebody that looks after a golf course by not physically working him/herself. They would have a budget at the beginning of every year and then try and come under that budget by constantly looking for ways to be more efficient.

The Latest in Wonderful Golf Attire

All these young kids in golf seem to be wearing bright, bright colors as well. It’s as if they are playing a game against one another to see who can dress the most outlandish…

Help My Golf Swing! 3 Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing in Record Time!

This past week I was conducting a junior golf clinic, and the most common thing I heard has help my golf swing! Even when I was working on putting, chipping, etc. All the kids wanted to do was hit the ball better. Now, while you may or may not be a kid I can guarantee that you can identify with this. Everyone wants to hit the ball further and straighter, it just makes golf more fun!

Metal Golf Spikes – Going For More Grass-Friendly Spikes

Golfers need to maintain stable footing so they can swing and concentrate properly. Golf shoes are the main contributors in achieving the stability that every golfer is looking for and to improve that quality, golf spikes are installed at the bottom of the footwear.

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