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Golf Driver Swing Courtesy – 6 Unwritten Tee Box Rules Every Golfer Should Know

The golf driver swing requires a lot of concentration to execute well. The last thing any golfer wants to deal with is distractions from other golfers. While most golfers are courteous and do not intend to distract, many golfers are annoying on the tee box without knowing it. For the better of the golf game, described here are six tee box rules that every golfer should know so we do not become an annoyance to others.

Golf Playing Tips – Choosing the Right Golf Club Driver

Golf clubs vary based on the purposes they serve. The golf club driver is one of a golfer’s best tools to hit the ball hard and make it travel long distances in the golf course.

Which Golf Clubs? – Should You Buy the TaylorMade SuperQuad R7? – The Insider Details

If you are keen golfer, this article will help you find out why The TaylorMade SuperQuad r7 driver will make all the deference to your natural game. Straight to the point – R7 Superquad driver mixes the strength and forgiveness of the 460 cc golf club head – the absolute maximum dimension permitted by the USGA / R&A – having the ability to enhance modifications for the release position, spin-rate and also velocity. Regarding golfers who require the flexibility to decide on particular models of release factors within their quest for better range, the r7 SuperQuad stands out as the greatest driver with Movable Weight Technology (MWT).

My Buddy Dennis and the Taylormade Superquad R7 Driver

My friend Dennis bested me a couple weeks ago when he turned up at the golf club with the Taylormade Superquad R7 Driver. It is well known that Taylormade has always had spectacular clubs that deliver results. In fact, they perform so well that the professional golfers rely on them.

Choose Custom Golf Clubs to Match Your Skill

You’ll find custom golf clubs available for purchase across quite a price range when you visit your local sporting store. If you’re looking to buy an entire set, you’re going to pay more for a really quality custom made set, as more affordable custom sets usually utilize cheaper materials in their construction.

Golf Club Shipping Boxes – What You Must Know Before Buying Them

Golf club shipping boxes are long and almost flat, just like the golf club. They are available in a range of dimensions and can be used to transport one or more golf clubs over great distances. Golf club boxes can also be used to ship many other long items that won’t fit into a standard sized box, these other items include; fishing poles, rifles, muskets, maps and even carpet. These boxes will keep all of your golf clubs safe and secure so that

When Having a Golfing Event, Plan For Some Extra Golf Tournament Contests

You’re having a golf tournament which is all well and good; however, how are you going to keep the spectators and children occupied while the serious golfing is taking place? You want people to hang around and buy food from your vendors, but without fun activities, they aren’t going to stay any longer than it takes their favorite golfer to play a round. What you need to do is plan some golf tournament contests that anyone can enjoy. So how about sponsoring a golf tourney carnival?

Shopping For Women’s Golf Club Sets

Golf is considered to be one of the most popular game in the world. It is popular as it can be played by any one. As long as they can hit the ball they can take up the game.

How to Warm Up Before a Round of Golf

Warming up before a round of golf is meant not only to loosen up your body, but to prepare your mind. A proper warm-up will get you into mid-round playing condition, both mentally and physically.

Develop Inner Mental Skills For Golf to Accelerate Your Learning, Control Emotions and Play Great

Most people are pretty average at using Inner Mental Training and most of what they do is done in a very unconscious fashion. With practice you can become more and more aware of your own inner mental abilities and how to enhance and control them to accelerate your learning of a new physical skill and control your emotional behaviours on the golf course.

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