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Ways to Achieve a Natural Golf Swing and Improve Your Game

If you are a beginner in golf, you will want to find a proper guide to help you improve your swing, and particularly to avoid hooking or slicing the ball each time you try to hit it. There are many guides available in the market that will help you develop a natural golf swing.

A Brief Guide on the Rules of Golf

This articled discusses the rules of golf. The rules themselves are quite in depth, and a serious player should consult the full rules as set down by the United States Golf Association and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.

Get Rid of a Slice With These Tips For a Natural Golf Swing

The goal in golf is to garner the lowest possible score, but an apparent slice will make it rough for you to achieve that goal. If you are seeking for ways to fix that slice, you will need to follow some tips that can give you a natural golf swing.

Two Tips to Getting That Natural Golf Swing in Place

The first time you start playing, you will notice yourself struggling to fix a slice. You are not alone. It can sometimes take golfers several years to get the rhythm of a natural golf swing, and if you are dead set on achieving this, there are a few things you can do to achieve this.

Three Things That the Senior Golfer Needs to Consider

Three things every senior golfer needs to know, or at least think about. Also an idea of how your senior years really can be the best years of your golfing life. Practical suggestions on how to cope with the ageing process and still enjoy (or improve) your golf game.

5 Tips to Improve Your Fairway Bunker Play

I know from experience that being faced with a fairway bunker shot can be intimidating. This is mostly due to not being able to practice these shots. There are only a few driving ranges that have an area set aside for practicing shots from the sand. The ranges that do are generally located in a country club environment and you have to be a member in order to use the facility.

Golfing Tips – How to Perfect the Perfect Golf Putt

Putting in golf can be hard thing to master but once you do it can take a lot of strokes off of your golf game. Practice is key to improving at anything and this can be true when it comes to putting as well. You should spend twice as much time putting as you do practicing at the driving range.

How to Achieve a Natural Golf Swing

Most people have a hard time correcting their golf swing. Frequently they are prone to slicing, and this is due to not developing a natural golf swing that can swiftly correct this error. To develop a natural golf swing, you will need to relax your stance in order to achieve the kind of confidence a golfer needs to take the perfect shot.

Improve Golf Swing – How to Swing a Golf Club Like a Pro Golfer

We all want to swing a golf club like a pro golfer. It takes some time to perfect a golf swing and most pros and always working on there swing to improve it as well. It is a good idea to take some lessons when you are starting out so that you can learn some good techniques before you develop too many bad ones.

Using Golf Swing Training Aids to Better Your Game

If you go into any golf store, or large sporting goods store, you will any number of golf swing training aids, all of which promise to completely turn your game around in a matter of hours. Their claims, as you probably already know, are usually false. The makers of aids such as this are using your own insecurities to sell you the products.

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