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Do Not Forget to Wear Your Etonic Golf Shoes While Playing Golf

Most of us take golf and other sports for granted. We wear any pair of shoes that we want to without even considering if these shoes are especially made for the purpose we are using it for or not.

Are You a Victim of Clever Golf Marketing? Don’t Give Your Game Away to Hype

Every year and sometimes twice a year, companies launch new products with claims of hitting the ball further and straighter. If the clubs hit it further and straighter every year then we would be hitting it 500 yards dead straight by now wouldn’t we? After all they have been claiming this for years. Did you know that there have been no significant improvements in equipment for about the last ten or twelve years? (as of 2010) They don’t want you to know that! Would you like to know the truth on how to play your best golf?

Would You Like to Know the Truth on How to Play Your Best Golf? Forget the Hype and Rubbish!

The major brand name companies control what you see and hear and they want you buying the latest gear, period. They do not want you getting real golf equipment from a custom club-maker and they don’t want you getting coaching from good sport psychologists. Because if you just do those two things, your game will improve by leaps and bounds and you will have broken free of the mass hypnotic marketing by the big Brand Name companies.

Golf – What to Do When Your Round Turns Sour

It’s not unusual for us to play golf without a care for the first three or four holes, or maybe even the front nine, and then something changes. Shots you had been making without a second thought have become difficult. What was easy is now hard.

Are You Developing a Loser Self-Image of Your Golf and Yourself Without Realising It?

Berating yourself on the golf course is not going to do your mood any good and there are even more insidious problems with this constant negative self talk. For instance you are going to be running negative images through your mind that are congruent with the negative statements you’re making and you are developing a real loser self-image. I know that’s not what you want!

Would You Like to Learn the Focus and Concentration Skill to Play Golf in the Zone on Every Shot?

You will have experienced being in a deeply focussed state many times in many activities. Can you remember a time now when you were so absorbed in a task that a person calling your name had to first “break-through” your intense concentration? Would you like to be fully in the zone like that every time you play a golf shot?

Great Golf Tournament Prize Packages – Do They Increase the Number of Players in Your Event?

In 2010, do you want to bring great golf prize packages to your golf tournament? If you do you are members of a minority contingency of golf management teams across the United States.

Improve Your Golf With a Golf Training Aid

When you’re on the golf course do the other players treat you as a joke? How many times have you sliced the tee shot? Do you constantly struggle to break 100?

Taylor Made Metal and Wood Drivers – The Best For 2010

Taylor Made golf clubs are among the most popular driver and fairway woods at PGA tournaments. Metal/wood driver technology allows each player to customize their club. Metal/wood technology has previously created the high performance Pittsburgh Persimmon, Tour Preferred, Burner and Burner Bubble.

6 Frequently Asked Questions Beginning Golfers Ask

Want to learn how to play golf? Learn the most frequently asked questions every beginner asks throughout his playing experience.

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