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Chipping Lessons

Another lesson is the importance of the club used in the game. There are basically three types of clubs used in the chipping such as; wedges, short irons and middle irons. The club used by mostly golfers for this type of shot is lob wedge.

Learning – Your New Simple Golf Swing

You are confused. You have read all of the articles about getting a good golf swing for better golf scores but you average 100+ with your golf scores and just don’t know what to do. This article will give you the basics of a simple golf swing. Read it and get an idea of how to do it and if you have problems then contact your local certified golf instructor that teaches a simple golf swing. With one lesson he/she can help you master the simple golf swing.

Putting Tips – The Key Elements of Becoming a Great Putter

Everyone loves to crank a drive out there 300 yards; it feels good and it looks good to your buddies; that will never change. However, the wise golfer realizes that putting is the most important aspect of the game and the key to lowering your score. This article contains putting tips to help you get the most out of your next round.

Indoor Outdoor Putting Green – Never Miss Another Putt With A Home Indoor Outdoor Putting Green

Are you tired of missing short putts that you know you should be making? Then I strongly suggest that you read this entire article about the benefit of an indoor outdoor putting green. If you invest in one of these you can start nailing those shots that you know you should be making by tomorrow.

Four Golf Tips to Fix a Golf Slice

If your game is troubled with golf slices, banana balls, or golf shots that are way off the hole, then read the basic golf tips below to remove the real causes of your golf slices, and to finally improve the accuracy of your game. 1. Check Your Stance and Set up When you stand so close to the ball, there are no other shots you can make but golf slices.

A Few Words About Golf Training Aids

Golf Training Aids have greatly improved over the past 10 years. Most of them actually can and do encourage swing improvement. These tools are generally designed to address one part of the golf swing, regardless of what the marketing companies would have you believe. They are designed to encourage the user to develop the correct feel relative to that part of the swing motion.

Golfing Tips to a Better Golf Swing

A great golf swing has the following elements: power, speed, rhythm, and focus. Mastery of these elements takes time. But before we can proceed to mastering these elements in our game we need to eliminate basic golf swing errors first such as— the unwanted golf slice.

Learning Golf

When you are visiting the golf course for the first time, don’t forget to take some golfer with you. You can ask your any of your friend or colleague who is a pro player to go with you daily. It would be fun and great practice. Your friend and colleague will let you know where you lack behind and help you improve your performance.

Backyard Putting Greens Help You Improve Your Game

A great putt can make the difference in a win or loss of a match or competition. Improve your game with your own backyard putting green.

How to Break 100 the Easy Way

A few friends of mine started playing golf as middle-aged adults. It was about time, but I’m glad they joined the club. One of them breaks 100 most of the time, and the other is still working on it. They haven’t asked, me, but I’ll tell you how, if you’re working on the same thing, to get it done.

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