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General Strategy For Recreational Golfers

If you are double-digit handicapper, you may admire the way professionals attack a course, but you should not copy their style. Adopt these strategies for yourself to play well, have fun, and keep your scores down.

These Are the Golf Shots You Need

Even though everyone on the course is playing the same sport, with the same equipment, players of different skills are playing a different game. The object is to get the ball in the hole in the fewest strokes, but depending on your skill level, you’ll rely on different shots to do that.

Winter Golf

Up North, it gets wet around November. Not much fun to play in a liquid atmosphere with squishy lies, is it? Since you can’t play, is there anything you can do to keep your game up to speed besides putting across the living room carpet? Of course there is.

Understanding Mental Golf

Mental Golf is a group of strategies that golfers utilize in the pursuit of improving their performance during golf matches. It targets the unconscious and conditions not only the mind, but also affects the feelings and attitude of an individual.

What to Look For When Shopping For Golf Clubs

When golfers shop for golf clubs, many of them lose out and buy something that isn’t right for them. This will waste time and money. But if you know what you need to get, the purchase will be a win, win for you and the seller.

Noodle+ Easy Distance Golf Balls

If your swing speed is somewhere around 85 mph or less, Noodle+ Easy Distance golf balls should do the trick for you. These balls have the gift of considerably improving your ball velocity and distance. Here are some features of these much appreciated golf balls. Use them yourself or think of them as a very nice gift for some golf loving friend or family member, you should not go wrong with your choice.

Pinnacle Dimension Golf Balls

For information about the Pinnacle Dimension golf balls, you have come to the right place. You can read here about the dozen balls’ set that has very good characteristics that are recommending it as a very good set of golf balls. Use it yourself next time you hit the golf court or make someone’s day and buy them as a gift that will surely be appreciated.

Top-Flite Gamer V2 Review

If you play golf, you must know the importance of a great golf ball. If you want to gain more knowledge about such a golf ball, you may want to read this description of Top-Flite Gamer V2. You can learn more about the main features of this golf ball, the new improvements it has suffered and their results in terms of efficiency and the price of these special golf balls.

A Review For Taylormade R9 Driver

TAYLORMADE R9 driver is an excellent golf club with impressive improved technologies that allow total control of angles, lofts, lies, movements, speed and flight control. With 30% off its price, you only have to pay $349.98 for this very special golf club with solid performances and a great look.

Review For Cobra S2 Driver

The Cobra S2 driver is recommended for golfers who want to achieve a greater forgiveness on off center hits and also for those in search for superior distance. This gold club offers these and more, elegantly wrapped in a more traditional great package at only $199.99.

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