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The Best Way to Fixing the Swing

Golf is a sporting activity that involves a lot of swinging. In fact the entire sport is about swinging and teeing off.

Discover the Professional Golfer in You

Do you at times wish you could be as good as Tiger Woods? Are you practicing a lot and not becoming perfect at the game? In addition, are there times where you feel that golf is only for those with that talent in them?

Correcting a Slice Golf Swing

For many years, even the best of the best in golf have been frustrated because their swing brings about a golf slice, which means either hitting the ball in the middle or on the top. A golf slice swing can however be corrected by gripping the club right, positioning the body in the correct stance, and most importantly swinging the club in the correct manner.

Left Hand Golf Swing Techniques

One of the most important things for a left hand golfer to know is that whenever the instructor mentions right, to them it is left. This is what creates the whole difference.

The Ever Popular Golf Swing

For basket ball nothing but net is what the players aim to achieve every time they are on the court. With golf, the main aim is a hole in one. If however all; we can say for you is nothing but grass then there is need to take on sessions to improve the golf swing you are using.

Perfect Golf Swing Using an Analyzer

Have you been difficulty trying to achieve the perfect golf swing of your life but? Do not lose hope as this is well within your ability.

Benefits of Using the Best Golf Instruction Videos

How would it feel to be featured in a golf game alongside some of the most prominent players in the most beautiful golf resort field money can buy? Quite enchanting don’t you think?

Building the Perfect Golf Swing

A perfect golf swing is just as important as having the perfect grip. It may sound like a complex mechanical movement that may require you to have a specific sequence on the movement to create an impact position. To understand this, first, you need to look at the positioning. You will need to position yourself with the flag.

Perfect Tees With the Proper Golf Grip

In golf, the only time one handles the club is when gripping it whilst getting ready to swing and aim for the hole. When one has the proper golf grip, one is assured that the face of the club be in line with the ball and allow one to make that perfect shot. Gripping a golf club right also allows one to be able to engage in the perfect swing that will allow one to hit the ball with the desired strength.

Some Basic Rules of Golf For the Beginner

One of the more important things in golf especially since your typically playing with a group of people is to know which ball is yours. It’s a good idea to mark your ball with a Sharpie marker so there is no confusion as to who’s it is in case someone is playing the same ball.

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