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Tips for Improving Putting – Count Your Putts

Do you know how many putts do you take during a round? Getting a handle on this statistic is one of the best ways to improve your scores. If you are like many amateur golfers, you probably don’t keep track of how many putts you take on a hole. In order to improve your game and lower your scores you need to what parts of your game that you need to work on.

5 Golf Travel Tips For Your Next Getaway

Golfers love to travel, of that there is no question. But saving money? Absolutely.

Golf Schools

If you really intend on taking up golf seriously and aim to play in professional league, then you must choose the right golf school to train you. In United States, Phil Ritson-Mel Sole Golf School is one of the top ranking schools and has consistently been voted amongst the top ten schools in the last eight years consecutively. The ranking follows a certain process of grading the school on several parameters including their facilities, training faculty to the pricing structure and past performance etc.

Mini Golf Course – Build One In Your Backyard

No matter where in the world you go to play golf the course is always different. Golf courses are designed different to increase the challenge and novelty. The same is also true for miniature golf courses. Miniature golf or mini golf is also known by many other names like crazy golf, Putt-Putt, goofy golf, adventure golf, etc.

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Walking the Golf Course

I’m a golf nut! I’m crazy about the game and I like to golf as much as I can afford – time and money-wise. For a long time, I motored around the course in a golf cart. Then I tried my first golf push cart – and I haven’t gone back to riding ever since. Here are my top ten reasons why.

Getting the Mental Edge in Golf

Golf is 90% mental and golfers can have the mental edge over others just by training the mind to do exactly what you ask it. Staying Positive and getting out of your way can help you play beyond your normal game.

What Do You Know About US Golf History?

Golf history is very old and it’s started in mid of 14th century. If you want to know about US golf history this article will give you detail knowledge about US golf history.

Women Golf Tips

Golf is a sport that one identifies with extreme style and richness rather than athletics and fitness. More often than not, golf is considered to be a sport purely for relaxation- a sport that men indulge in.

Why Putting Instruction Is Important for Women Golfers

Of all the other factors that are involved in a game of golf, the art of putting is one that is most sought after. Putting is absolutely necessary for all those who play the sport for pure enjoyment but nevertheless wish to attain mastery over it.

The Mechanics of the Short Game

The short game as well as putting are the least practised part of the game, but the most important for lowering your score. This article outlines the techniques you need to lower your score.

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