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Useful Tips To Improve Your Golf Swing

We all have heard a lot about the professional golfer Tiger Wood. Well, everyone wants to play like him and learn all the new types of techniques and swings. Tiger Wood has been using three different types of swings and is learning the fourth one from his current coach Sean Foley. Many people are interested in golf and wish to play really well. However, they tend to face a lot of problems when it comes to using the right kind of golf swing.

Effective Putting Tip To Battle Obstacles In Your Game

Playing golf is not as simple as hitting the ball with the club, ask anyone who has played this sport. There are some apparent minute problems as well as more complicated ones. A putting tip can sometimes make a whole difference in a game. Thus, it is important to identify the problem right away. One of the seemingly simple problems in playing golf is the so-called over analysis paralysis.

Your Putting Grip and Why It’s So Important To Your Golf Game

Your putting grip can make or break your golf game. Putting is one of the most important swings that you need to master and is key to how many strokes you will have. About half of a golfer’s score is attributed to putting. It is the most essential of all golfing techniques. And although this is true, most golfers spend most of their time on their drive strokes. EVERY good golfer is a good putter, so practicing your short game is incredibly important.

Breaking 90 the Easy Way

If you’re not breaking 90 and you think you should be, odds are you’re hitting shots that you shouldn’t be. Let’s take temptation out of your hands and simplify the game for you. The next time you play, go out with just four clubs: the fairway wood, the 5-iron, the sand wedge, and the putter.

Hit the Golf Ball Flush With These Three Swing Controls

he golf swing must be kept under control from start to finish. A controlled swing, that is, a swing contained inside the parameters of what a sound swing should be, delivers flush hits time after time. Here are three controls you can use to keep your swing smooth and steady, and get those flush hits.

Golf Stretches In Your Living Room

I hear a lot how golfers don’t have time to work on their body to play better golf. I personally think it’s crazy but it’s your choice either way. With that being said, I’ve put together a free video showing how you can do simple golf stretches right on your couch, in your living room while you watch TV. And I know…you watch television, so don’t tell me you don’t.

Eight Simple Solutions to Your Golf Slice Problem

The golf slice is one of the leading culprits that can ruin what could be a winning and low scoring golf game for many golfers. So what areas in your game should you pay more attention to so you can stop hitting a golf slice?

Golf Tip – The Grip

The single most important fundamental in the golf swing is the grip, yet the vast majority of golfers have a poor grip. This article discusses how to properly hold a golf club.

A Blowup Hole Won’t Ruin Your Round Unless You Let It

Once you start getting good at golf, you’re in a transition period. You can play some marvelous holes and turn in some very good scores. On the other hand, you can play like a 30-handicapper on a moment’s notice. Enter the blow-up hole. Its greatest effect is not on your score, but on your confidence the remainder of the day. Here’s how to walk away from a bad hole without being bothered by it.

Four Top Golf Instruction Books on New Golfers’ Wish-List

Picking the right golf instruction book can help you execute the right golf swing in less time and play with confidence in the golf course in no time. Listed below are four of the most highly-regarded golf lesson books that should be included in every new golfer’s wish-list.

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