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Beginners Golf Tips to Improving Your Game

Have you ever thought about what you can do to improve your golf scores? Have you ever thought about the placement of your hands on your golf club or what your knees and hips were doing? If not maybe it’s time to ponder about that, and use these golf tips to improve your game.

Finding the Right GPS Golf Systems to Fit Your Needs

For the golfer that firmly believe GPS golf systems can improve your game, there might not be many disadvantages to them, but there are some golfers that aren’t sure they can improve your golf game. There are many of the golfers that like the advantages they offer, including showing the distance to the front, center and back of every green or knowing what course you are on, when they power up. There are a few things to know about these systems before you form an opinion, if you aren’t familiar with them or how they work.

Will Tiger Roar in the Golf PGA Tour 2010?

Will the defending champion, Tiger Woods, be able to rock the Golf PGA Tour 2010? After facing a series of allegations from the media and fans from all over the world about his iconic sportsperson image, Tiger Woods is back to what he is best at – Golf. However, the most pertinent question among international golf enthusiasts is whether Tiger would be able to overcome the emotional trauma and replay 2009’s magical championship-winning performance.

How to Improve Golf Swing Effectively? – Tips

Do you dream of being Tiger Woods one day? If not, do you at least wonder how another player in your golf club plays like a professional? Well, the answer is simple. One has to have a proper swing to play the game with professional like style. Practice makes a man perfect but one has to practice the correct method to get the right perfection. Here is an article that tips you on improving your golf swings.

Why It’s Important to Practice Your Golf Swing

In a normal day of golfing I see many people who are just whacking the ball wildly around the course, or on the driving range. If this is you then it will be very difficult for you to get any better as you aren’t practicing correctly.

Korea’s Love Affair With Golf

The growth of the sport of golf in Korea is mind-blowing. With the LPGA success that Koreans have had, is it no wonder the sport has become a national obsession?

Golf Scotland and Come Home For a Round

Scotland is the home of golf. It is also home to something truly cosmopolitan.

When the Golf Season is Over

Many golfers do not participate in an off-season training program once their season has finished. This is a big mistake as game improvement is dependent on your physical ability to swing the golf club.

Playing the Right Golf Ball

Golfers frequently are confused when it comes to buying golf equipment. Here is a quick guide to assist in your next golf equipment purchase.

Senior Golf Apparel

Senior golfers have different clothing needs than most who head out on the golf course. Because the weather has a greater affect on older players, extra care should be taken by older golfers as they head out onto the golf course.

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