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Golfer’s Nutrition: Do Multivitamins Help?

While gobbling down a hot dog and cheesy fries with an icy cold drink at the ninth hole is an essential tradition to every round of golf, it can hardly be considered the best promoter of optimal golf performance. Since we can’t expect that broccoli, carrots and tofu will be a part of clubhouse fare, it is good to consider using an easily absorbed multivitamin to supplement our diets. Here are a few tips for active (and aging) golfers to consider. It is especially important that you supply your body with what is needed to repair sore muscles, sun-damaged skin and promote optimum health.

Golf Swing Secrets: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Golf Instruction.

Few of us can learn to do anything well without someone guiding us that has the experience and the ability to teach. Most of us will learn golf at a later stage in life from unqualified individuals. When we do finally decide to take a few golf lessons from a qualified instructor, we might find it initially frustrating to have to unlearn a lot of bad habits. Moreover, we may find that our bodies just are not able to do what the golf swing instructor advises. A lot of frustration in golf can be avoided by making the commitment to learn from an expert. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing a golf instructor.

Golf Swing Techniques: What Do All Long Ball Hitters Have in Common?

How does a wiry young man like Rory McIlroy average 310 yard drives? There is a golf swing secret that every long ball hitter knows. They all do it, regardless of their swing style. Energy is constantly being transferred through the golfers body in a series of linking body parts controlled by the fascia and muscles. This kinetic energy chain is either efficiently channeled or wastefully dissipated depending on the available motion and control of each of its links. Harnessing this energy is what produces consistent monster drives.

Tips for Disc Golf Beginners

Disc golf is leisure sport growing in popularity, and a fun hobby to learn with friends. It does not take long for a person to pick up the basic skills that allow them to start enjoying the sport, although it does take dedication and practice to perform like a professional. There are a few simple steps to starting frolf. The first is to select the proper equipment.

The Mechanisms For Golf Injury

Nagging golf-related injuries can hamper performance and limit playing time. Identifying the mechanisms that lead-up to injury and correcting them can drastically reduce the potential for injury and/or help an injured golfer get back out on the golf course sooner.

Disc Golf Soars To New Heights

While challenging to master, disc golf, or frolf, is a fun and relaxing way to spend a day outside. It combines the structure of golf with the fun and unpredictability of frisbees to establish one of the most interesting games in recent memory.

Nike Golf Product Reviews

Nike is an athletic brand synonymous with sports like basketball, football and baseball. Nike is the company that brought the masses Air Jordan and the iconic silhouette of Michael Jordan dunking with his legs kicked out as he leapt from the free throw line.

How to Choose Players for a Disc Golf Outing

With more than 3,000 established disc golf courses in the United States alone, the sport may be justly considered a mainstream recreational pursuit. The Professional Disc Golf Association (PGDA) has established a set of guidelines for tournament play, and tournaments are held year-round.

Muscle Activation In The Golf Swing

Knowing which muscles are predominant during the golf swing would assist in the development of a more focused exercise program. In this article, we’ll identify the muscles involved with each of the five phases of the golf swing.

5 Unwritten Rules of Golfing Etiquette

A game of golf can be a lovely way to spend your day. It’s a peaceful sport of strategy, tranquility, and every now and then a little frustration from landing your ball back in that bunker. Aside from the actual game itself, there are a few golfing rules that often go unspoken but nonetheless are rules that all should follow. Whether you’re playing with friends, work colleagues, or your boss, follow these basics and you should be safe.

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