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Golf Swing Tips 101 on Sand Shot

Many golf swing tip aids can help the average golfer with their sand game. A lot of golfers get a pit in their stomach when their ball enters a sand trap. Did you know that less than 2% of golfers practise their sand game?

Golf Swing Tips – 3 Tips To Hit It Straighter and Further

Learning how to actually swing a golf club can be one of the most challenging things out there to do. There are thousands of tips on the internet but you only want the basics to help you understand how to swing properly for the moment. Often the simplest golf swing is the most effective when using in a game to hit further and straighter.

Golf Swing Tips – 3 Tips To Help Make A Difference

Golf is a growing sport and becoming more popular to people regardless of the age. Everyone that plays wants to be as good as the pros that are shown on the television. If you too want to be like one of the pros then the first thing you want to sort out is your golf swing. Listed below are 3 simple golf tips that you can use…

Could We Be Tinkering With the Golfing Devil?

In all honesty I will be the first to hold up my hands and plead guilty to watching online golf videos. I’ve spent long periods of time trawling through various golf tuition sites, and it’s got to the stage where it has become quite addictive indeed.

Correct Golf Stance – Does It Exist?

One of the most confusing things about Golf is What Is The Perfect Golf Stance? In this article we will examine The Golf Stance, which is one of the four basics of golf, the others being the grip, posture and alignment. Without knowledge of these 4 basics, you will find the game very difficult and improvement very slow.

How To Improve Your Golf Backswing

Any professional or great amateur golfer will tell you that your golf backswing is vital to hitting the ball right and not hook or slice your shot. Even though you do not hit the ball with the backswing itself, proper execution of the technique is required for getting the club in the right position and hitting the ball with the right amount of power.

The Proper Techniques In Playing Golf

A correct stance is the other important factor for an efficient golf swing, besides an ideal grip. If you set off with a terrible golf stance, it could subsequently lead to a terrible back swing, a terrible downswing and a terrible finish. Apart from that, it wouldn’t be crystal clear where precisely your golf ball will arrive after you hit it.

GPS Golf Rangefinder Vs Golf Laser Rangefinder

If you are thinking about buying a golf rangefinder, the question isn’t “Should I buy “, it’s “Which type should I buy”, a GPS Golf Rangefinder or a Golf Laser Rangefinder. Either is likely to help you take shots off your game and make golf a little more fun, but both types have pros and cons. You can’t go wrong with a golf rangefinder, but consider these pros and cons to see which type will benefit YOU the most.

Should Long Irons Still Be In Your Bag?

Traditionally, long irons have been known as the hardest clubs to hit. The have little loft, so they’re harder to get in the air, the hitting surface is small, so it’s easier to mis-hit. Everyone is replacing them with hybrid irons. If you’re thinking of doing that, think again. You might be getting rid of the best friends you have in your bag.

Golfing Lessons – Effective Ways To Learn Golf

If you are an amateur, then it is very necessary for you to get golf lessons. There are basics and essentials of the game. The basics come at the beginning stage. Firstly, learn the basics than move towards the essentials. If you hire some golf coach, than it is effective to learn basics, as the basics are the basis for further proceed to the essentials of the game. And if the basics are not cleared, than you can’t move further.

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