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How to Build a Miniature Golf Course

Miniature golf can prove to be a fun activity for children as well as adults. A person can build a miniature golf course on his own without having to pay a heavy amount.

Want to Play Golf in Winter? Here is the Way

To a golf lover, winter may be an annoying season since it is too cold to play sports outdoors. However, there are some tricks you can do so that you can play golf comfortably during winter. Cold temperature or snow does not mean that you have to stop playing golf.

Are the Wilson Staff Ci9 Irons For You?

The Wilson Staff Ci9 irons are the third upgrade of the award winning Ci, or control iron, and the new design offers a refreshing and very much playable midsize iron, providing superb performance and playability. The new Ci9 iron has a traditional midsize head design that will appeal to all levels of golfer. The new head shape will provide you with a quick boost of confidence, with it’s thinner top-line and slightly progressive offset.

How Do You Find the Right Golf Swing Training Aid For You?

Harold loved to early mornings as well as late afternoons and evenings on the course, and he had been doing so for years. But while he had spent a lengthy amount of time on the course over the years, he had never taken the time or made the effort to master the proper technique of the game, and now he decided that he would benefit from truly learning how to play golf well by learning proper technique.

What Types of Golf Swing Training Tools Are Available?

I regularly golfed with my good friend, Henry, and a few other guys. Henry wasn’t someone who I would call “good” at golfing because he had some weaknesses in his game that were getting the better of him, but he had fun golfing with his friends. He has had the opportunity to spend more time golfing with some of his professional colleagues lately, and his game’s weaknesses have been causing him quite a bit of embarrassment.

Personalize Golf Cart – Some News

In recent years, customizing your golf-cart is very trendy. You can include different material which gives the cart a personalized look as well as increases the aesthetics of the cart.

Three Factors to Consider About Your Putting Grip and Why Changing it Can Improve Your Golf Game

Many golf teachers will often tell you that your putting grip is one of the most important aspects of your golf swing. This comes hand in hand with other key components of golf fundamentals like stability, ball position and alignment. There are many different kinds of grips, and you can use a different grip for each part of the game. You will need a different grip for the short game, the power game and the putting game. However, putting is one of the most important parts of the game and you will have to learn how to pick the right type of putting grip that best suits you.

How to Update Your Old Golf Training Equipment

Charlie had been golfing with the same golf training equipment for nearly a decade. He really enjoyed golfing with his set and enjoyed that his skills had developed around his equipment. However, one day when Charlie realized he’d left his clubs at home and had to borrow a friend’s clubs, he realized that perhaps his old set wasn’t all that he had thought it was.

Can a Golf Fitness Training Program Improve Your Performance on the Course?

Like many people, Thomas had spent a lot of time and money trying to refine his skills on the golf course. He’d spent countless hours and dollars taking private lessons from a golf pro and even practiced at home with a variety of training aids he had purchased, but nothing seemed to help his performance on the back nine holes. Thomas realized that he was too fatigued on the back nine to really give those holes his best effort, and so he decided to look into the various options for golf fitness training.

Fed Up With Slicing That Golf Ball? 3 Tips to Help Get You Back in the Swing

If you wish to cure that awful slice once and for all, here I share a few pointers which should help you along the road to hitting those golfing heights. I reveal 3 tips that have helped me leave my slice golf behind and should help you develop an easier, more natural swing.

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