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3 Golf Swing Drills That Will Take 7 Shots Off of Your Scores in 3 Weeks!

Their are many golf swing drills that you can use to improve your game, but with so many to choose from, how do you know which ones are going to provide you with the results that you need. Here I am going to share three of my favorite golf swing drills that you can use to improve your golf game.

Driving Range Drills – 4 Drills You Can Take to the Range to Improve Your Game

Good drills are important, because they help golfers of all ability levels improve their games. In this article, I am going to share with you 4 golf swing driving range drills that I have used myself to improve my game and start shooting lower scores on a consistent basis.

Six Steps to a Better Golf Swing

I took myself out to the driving range yesterday to hit a bucket of balls. I was just fitted for a new set of Callaway irons and I wanted to try them out. It was a bit of a disaster.

The Best Cure For a Slice in Golf – Here it it in 3 Easy Steps!

If you slice the ball often, then I bet you are looking for the best cure for a slice in golf. In this article I am going to share with you the same 3 tips that I teach my students, and you will get this same information for free!

Do Women Really Play Golf More Slowly Than Men?

This is an ongoing debate in the world of golf. I know as a woman golfer I am always conscious of the pace at which I and the group I am with play the game. We hear complaints and side remarks all the time from the guys in the club house, complaining about the slow pace of play when women are on the course. But is it really true? Is this just a myth we’ve been convinced is real?

Golf Tips to Improve Your Short Game

No matter how you love to hit your driver and woods, when it comes to golf, it is in the quality of your short game that your final score is determined. These practice drills are a good start.

What Should Really Be on Your Mind When You Are Playing Golf?

I was playing a round of golf the other day, on a golf course I play frequently. Because I’m familiar with the course, I know which side of the fairway is favored, where the hidden bunkers are, and which rough is really tough to get out of. But even with that knowledge, and perhaps because of it, I often find myself on the wrong side of the fairway, in the sand or stuck in the rough and tumble. Why? I should know better. I aim my shots to stay on the fairway and avoid all the hazards.

Tiger’s Mystery

The mystery of Tiger Woods is still there, but it’s the wrong questions being asked. No longer do people wonder how he comes up with the shots he does or what he’s thinking about looking over a 7 foot putt to clinch another tournament. Now people are wondering just how many women did he sleep with and how much is it truly going to come him in the end?

Do You Really Stink at Golf? I Promise You Can Improve Fast With These 3 Tips!

Listen if you really stink at golf I just want to let you know that I have been there. I started taking golf seriously as a teenager, and I worked really hard and now I shoot par or better quite often. However, you do not have to practice as much as I did, just follow these 3 tips to success!

How to Hit Fairway Woods – 3 Tips For Solid Shots With Fairway Woods!

Fairway woods are great to have in the bag, because of the ability to get the ball up in the air quickly. In addition to this, fairway woods are typically easier to hit than long irons, which is why I would recommend every golfer having at least a 3 and 5 wood in the bag.

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