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Learn About the Basic Forms of Golf

Golf can be a really tough and challenging game to master. Discover some useful tips to help you learn the various types of competitive golf options available to help you enjoy the game more.

Sun Mountain Golf Carts

Golf can be a very healthy sport and an excellent source of exercise, especially when players use push pull golf carts, rather than ride-in golf carts. This is one of the reasons that Sun Mountain golf carts are among the most popular of the push pull type golf carts in the world.

Golf Putting Aids – Helpful Or Money Down the Drain?

Are golf putting aids necessary? Putting seems to be the easier part of playing golf, right? Wrong! Nothing’s further from the truth. It is actually technical and learning the correct approach to putting is crucial. Golf putting aids will help you putt better.

Methods For Learning the Correct Golf Swing

If you have recently started to learn how to play golf, then finding out how to do a correct golf swing is very important if you want to play well. Below are some different learning methods you can choose from when trying to learn the correct golf swing.

Junior Golfers – Your Body Faults Are Your Swing Faults

Juniors! One of my biggest frustrations with the golf industry today is its total focus on instruction and equipment only. It has been drilled into our heads that if you don’t get the best clubs and a lot of instruction, then your game will never be as good as it can!

How to Play Torrey Pines South Course Hole 3

This is a down hill hole so you’ll want to pop it up and create some hang time but this won’t happen. Instead you’ll chunk some soil on your first swing and shank your ball. It’ll go straight into the rough for about forty yards. You should look for it briefly but then give up after realizing you have a better chance of finding a turd in a cow’s mouth. It’s possible but very unlikely.

The Golf Slice Cure

Need a golf slice cure? Of course you do! You are sacrificing both DISTANCE AND ACCURACY when you slice a golf ball!

British Open History – 1999 at Carnoustie – Golf’s Biggest Collapse?

The 1999 British Open produced possibly the biggest collapse in golf history, Standing on the 18th tee with a three shot lead, Jean Van de Velde failed to win. What happened?

Fix Golf Swing – Dramatically Improve Your Swing Now

Do you want to fix your golf swing? Most players never do. Why is the average score among players today still over 100? Why is the average drive under 200 yards? Learn the reason most players never improve and then what you can do to start improving right now.

Golf Stance – 4 Elements to Perfecting Your Stance

Are you trying to get an understanding of what the proper golf stance is? Find out how to set up and implement this stance before your next round of golf.

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