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Break 80 Golf – Straighten the Left Arm For a Repeatable Golf Swing For Duffers

One long known golf axiom tells us to maintain a straight front arm (left for righties) from set up to well after impact. Many golfers struggle to do this. So much so that they have shortened their swings or altered their swing sequence to compensate for this swing fault. An altered swing is not usually as consistent and repeatable as we want.

Break 80 in Golf – Five Tips to Success With the Flop Shot For Duffers

Discover how you can save 2 to 3 strokes every time with this little used golf shot. You will no longer be giving up strokes just because you’ve found a difficult situation on the short side of the green. Learn the secrets to successfully using the shot your golf buddies are afraid to try.

For a Good Game, Explore Essex Golf Courses

Fans of golf will probably be aware that there is one part of South East England that is renowned for golf and that is Essex. There are so many quality Essex golf courses any avid golfer is spoilt for choice.

Golf Swing Help – Advice For Beginners

I thought I would write this article to give some tips on golf swing help to those that are beginners. There are two main options if you are just starting out.

A Simple Golf Swing Can Provide Power to Your Game

Do you slice, hook, or top the ball off the Tee? If so you need to simplify your swing and add Power and Distance to your game.

Golf Slice Cure – How to Improve Your Swing

For many beginner golfers, the slice can be an intensely frustrating part of the game. If this is you, then you are by no means alone. In fact, the quest for a golf slice cure has occupied the time of many talented golfers. The fact is that even professional golfers rarely hit the ball straight, so you are in good company. That said, obviously, you are looking for a way to cure a slice, so here are six tips to help achieve a slice-free game of golf.

The Proper Golf Swing Myth

So how do you make a proper golf swing? Well, let’s first ask ourselves what a proper golf swing is? Is a proper golf swing one that looks pretty? Or is it a golf swing that produces good results? This is something you need to ask yourself before you go crazy trying to perfect your swing.

Golf Cart Accessories – Getting the Most Out of Your Cart

There are plenty of golf cart accessories out there for you have installed the a golf cart. While you may be surprised there is a booming market for these types of things, there is no changing that it is there. You can find just about anything that you usually defer car made for golf carts not only that, you can also find high-quality accessories to have set up in your golf cart as well.

Find Your Centre of Gravity and Balance and You Will Find a More Consistent, Reliable Swing

There are many aspects of the game of golf which do not take a great deal of work or physical effort to improve which will result in great improvements in your swing and consistency. Balance has to be one of the big ones and yet the majority of amateur golfers are not consistently swinging in balance.

Break 80 Golf – Five Tips to Finding Your Go-To Shot For Duffers

Discover the tried and true method to remaining calm and confident even if you are off the fairway in deep trouble. Know what you should do when you’re under pressure that will give you the highest confidence in your chances to avoid a disaster hole. Save stroke after stroke with a solid go-to shot for your golf game.

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