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Left Handed Ping Golf Clubs – The Ping Color Chart

Doing research on left handed Ping golf clubs? Let me guide you. Learn all about the Ping color chart and how it applies to left hand golfers.

Golf Swing Lessons – Are They Worth It?

Are golf swing lessons worth it? To the novice golfer, improving their swing in the least amount of time can be the most important thing. The problem is that even Tiger Woods didn’t become a Master overnight — he started golfing at a very young age, so he peaked early in his career.

Golf Swing Practice – The Key to Improving Your Stroke and Scores

Do you know how to practice your golf swing? Your stroke means everything when it comes to scoring a good round of golf, as well as your personal enjoyment of the game. A competent stroke will mean a good low score and high-fives all around, while a bad stroke can leave you with a sore back and a potty mouth.

Golf Swing Plane – What is it and How to Perfect It

It’s too bad, but not many new golfers know about the golf swing plane. Professional golfers like Tiger Woods have understood it and used it to their advantage, often winning championships after simply altering their plane to create better shots. Here are some tips to improve your own personal game.

How to Use Video to Fix Your Golf Swing

Analyzing your own swing can be a rewarding way not only to improve your game, but to become a more knowledgeable golfer. You can learn why certain pros hit a draw, why others fade, and of course you can improve your own swing in the process.

Mallet Putters – Why the Pro’s Are Turning to Mallets Over Blades!

More and more these days the pros are turning their hand away from the traditional Blade style putter in favour of the Mallet Putters which we are starting to see more and more of in the golfing world today. The more experienced and professional golfers out of the bunch are still tending to opt for their trusty Blade style putter simple because they have the skill set to actually use it effectively.

Choosing the Perfect Golf Set For Beginners

Starting out as a golfer and choosing your clubs can be very tricky as there are so many variations of styles and clubs available on the marketplace today. Golfers can choose from drivers, irons, woods, hybrids, putters and wedges. Beginners would be advised to keep things simple when choosing their clubs as it can get pretty complicated!

Junior Golf Clubs – Golf For All Ages

The game of golf isn’t just for adult men and women who are looking to take some time off from their busy schedule at work for some much earned rest and relaxation. It can also be for the 9 year old who’s learning to appreciate what the game is all about, or the kid who’s going to off to high school and wants to maximize his vacation time by learning about the game. If you’re a parent who has a child that’s interested in golf, then you should teach them how to play.

Golf Swing Tips – How to Swing and Hit the Ball Accurately Every Time

You can of course make inquiries at your local clubhouse in order to see whether or not they have a professional golfer available to provide lessons. Obviously you want to find out how much it will cost as well, but if it’s within your budget then you should ideally sign up for a few lessons just to get you started.

Left-Handed Golf Clubs – Giving Lefties a Fighting Chance

It can sometimes be difficult for a lefty to play golf. This is because most equipment used in golfing, including clubs are made for right handed people. Using a golf club made for right handed people if you are left handed can be a problem especially if you’re not used to using them.

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