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Resort to a Golf Vacation Every Day

Palm Beach County, perhaps like no place else in the world, offers thousands of square miles of green preserves, natural and man made waterways and beautiful homes with ample views and spacious communities. Amongst these homes are the world’s finest golf courses and clubs. Private communities and public venues offer entertainment and leisure activities for all.

Tour Tested and Used Putting Technique Discover the Art and Science to Putt Magically, Putt to Win!

Putting is far more of an art than a science and when I say science I mean everything technical like your setup, posture, swing type and path, putter etc. Now I am not saying that a good setup and properly adjusted putter is not important because I believe the better you get both the tool (putter) and the machine (your setup) then the better you will be able to apply the art.

“Golf” Shooting in the 70’s, Golf Tips III – “Short Game”

How to improve on the golfers short game. Chipping and pitching golf tips. The answer on how to get your pitches and chips to land softly.

Golf Terms Explained

To some the terms used on the golf course may sound like a foreign language. Below are some common and not some common golf words and their meanings.

Choosing the Right Set of Golf Clubs

You need to have a good set of golf clubs, whether you’re a novice player or an advanced golfer. Your golf clubs should be appropriate to your physique and golfing style. It is very essential to take your time when purchasing your very own clubs. Check out different brands, models, sizes and components before deciding to buy one.

Play to Win at Winterstone

When you play golf at your KC golf course do you have a chance to win a new set of irons? At Winterstone Golf Course you do. When you check in for your round at Winterstone Golf Course fill out the play to win slip and you are entered for the daily prize, the weekly prize, and the monthly prize.

How to Play Smart Golf – Assess, Plan and Manage Your Game Like a Pro

This article aims to give you a few important guidelines in becoming a consistently impressive golfer. Professional and serious golfers all know that you need to learn to think through your game as well as having the correct technique and every shot needs careful consideration.

Mulligan Cards – How to Make Money Using Golf Mulligan Cards

Selling mulligan golf cards is an easy and inexpensive way to make money for your charity golf tournament. Discover great ways to make money with very little effort using your golf mulligan cards.

Does a Break Make You a Better Golfer?

For most golfers, the start of a new season brings with it some amazingly good rounds of golf. Perhaps the last 6 months you haven’t heard a chance to play golf seriously yet right out of nowhere you end up playing the best game of the year in golf.

Fear in Golf and Calming Golf Nerves So You Can Play With Relaxed Confidence

First tee jitters? Worry about your golf swing? Nervous about making a poor swing in front of others?

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