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Why You Don’t Need a New Driver For Golf

How would you like to improve your driving? Better accuracy and consistency is what every golfer wants when it comes to driving. Many golfers believe that a new driver for golf is the answer.

Find the Right Ball Position When You Hit a Driver

Getting your golf ball in the right position before you swing is critical to the success of your golf shot. This is especially true with the driver. There is no harder club to hit (I’m assuming that you no longer have a 2-iron in your bag) than this one. Give yourself every advantage.

Can a Golf Lesson DVD Really Help Me?

Are you one of the thousands wondering whether a golf lesson DVD can really help you? I was dubious at first but when a friend gave me a golf lesson DVD I thought I’d try it out. I can tell you I was pretty impressed with the result.

A Long Golf Drive is Possible With the Right Practice

Imagine standing on the first tee and making a 300 yard drive! How good would that feel? A super long golf drive is easily possible if you know what to practice. It took me years before I could do it. Practice the right things and don’t make the mistakes I made.

Taylor Made and Callaway Irons Are Some of the Best to Hit the Market

Choosing the correct golf iron sets for your needs. The new technology that is used in these irons might just be the edge you are looking for to improve your game of Golf. Taylor Made and Callaway irons remain the pro’s first choice.

Tiger Woods Sincere? Who Cares?

I am sure by now everyone has had a chance to see with their own eyes, or at least hear about Tiger Woods’ news conference last week. The one where he apologized for causing the scandal that has torn his family apart.

The Best Cure For Chipping Yips

Chipping yips got you befuddled? Golf chipping drills can go far to dropping your golf scores and curing those chipping yips. How frequently have you been barely off the green, then just on the putting surface after your poor chip shot. Can you feel my pain?

Buy a Golf Rangefinder

It is used by golf players to improve playing your golf game by helping you out giving perfect readings to the objects on the golf course. It uses a laser technology to target an object on the course and measure the time it takes for the laser to rebound to the rangefinder. The rangefinder comes with top level laser technology which is eye safe.

Best Score Ever – Golf Putting Instruction is the Key!

You want a lower score in golf. Putting instruction is the quickest way to achieve that!

The Alleged Game of Golf

It has always been understood that there is something quite eternal about the game of golf, but no two golfers have ever seemed able to agree on just what that essence actually is. Here’s a take on the honesty required to enjoy the game and why that might just be golf’s ultimate meaning.

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