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3 Golf Swing Tips on the Backswing Takeaway Technique

The whole process of the golf swing starts with the takeaway. If you don’t have the proper takeaway in your golf swing you will soon form some terrible habits. Learn how to use the proper takeaway technique to improve your swing now!

Increase Golf Ball Distance Without Using the Most Expensive Golf Driver – What You Need to Know!

Every golfer wants to increase their golf ball distance, and if they tell you they don’t, they’re lying! If you can hit the golf ball further than your playing partners and more accurately there is a good chance you will be the winner. I know it all depends on the putting, but I can tell you you’re putting becomes a lot easier if you’re making incredibly long drives and glorious iron shots!

Pulling (Yanking) Chip Shots Around Green

A chip shot is a shot that is near the green but the ground is not smooth enough to putt the ball. To control the distance you want the ball to roll it has to land on the green.

Secrets on How to Improve Your Game

Back to basics, tips on perfecting your passion on the green. I realized I wasn’t improving my game after months of frustration (don’t get me wrong I love the game, but we all want to see improvement) I thought I’ll step back take a breath and see what I was or was not doing right.

Fix Golf Slice – Golf Bogey

A bogey is the kind of score that professional golfers get all the time. It’s a normal thing for them to get a bogey. Recreational golfers consequentially are pleased with a bogey score.

The Top Five Women’s Golf Accessories to Invest In

Most women understand the true importance of accessorizing. Whether it’s out of necessity or a need for a better look, there are plenty of accessories available to make a round of golf a bit easier and a bit more comfortable for yourself.

How to Hit Over Trees – Trouble Shot

I don’t care where you play your golf. You better have this shot in your bag if you want to lower your handicap. Of course the first thing golfers think about when we talk about hitting high golf shots over trouble is a 50-foot high pine tree. The way the game has changed in regards to the way the tuck the pins today, hitting high shots comes in mighty hand around the greens also.

Pushing Pitch Shots Thin to the Right

Most of the time when you have a full 9 iron or wedge, you are OK. Bring that shot within 100 yards and all kind of things start happening. Let me explain a couple of things to you about the set-up and maybe this will bring you much closer to hitting solid and straight wedge shots.

Hitting Fat Bunker Shots

There is only problem with hitting a fat bunker shot. You usually have to hit another bunker shot or two before you get out.

Pulling Putts – How to Make Short Putts Easily

Is there anything more painful than hitting a great tee shot off of the first tee, followed up with the a beautiful 5 iron to within four feet of the hole, only to pull your putt so bad you don’t even hit the hole? Well guess what? You can end that pain right now. There are a number of reasons why you consistently pull putts, and I am going to share a lesson with you today that will help you immediately.

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