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The Best Golf Training Can Be Done on Vacation!

One of the latest trends in improving your golf game is going on vacation! It seems like a crazy idea, but more golfers are including golf lessons are camps with a family vacation.

Golf Swing Slice – 3 Golf Swing Basics You Can Use

When it comes to a golf swing slice a lot of golfer are very frustrated. But to better your game it just comes down to a few golf swing basics and techniques you can use to correct a slice. Interested in 3 tips and tricks you can use today? Yes, then read this article and improve your game.

The Best Way to Grip a Golf Club to Quickly Improve Your Swing

If you want to know the best way to grip a golf club to improve your swing, this article is for you! You’ve been looking forward to this day for months now. The snow is finally melting; the winter freeze has finally thawed; flowers are blooming; birds are singing, and this can all mean only one thing. It’s time to play golf! You’ve been tripping over your clubs in the garage all winter, finally its time to pull them out and play!

Choosing From Different Types of Golf Balls

For a beginner to the game of golf the choice of ball is probably based on budget as he will assume that because he is new to the game and because he hasn’t got the skill of Tiger Woods, he is going to lose a lot of balls. Therefore it makes sense to buy cheap balls doesn’t it. Well, not necessarily, because the more expensive, technologically advanced balls may mean you lose less in the first place.

3 Inside Out Golf Swing Drills – How to Correct a Slice

The inside out golf swing is mentioned on all the golf courses around the world. You can hear golfers talking about how to correct a slice with different golf swing drills. I want to share 3 tips that helped me to improve my golf swing in under 1 hour! If you want to better your game quickly this article is for you.

How to Schedule Training For Golf As a Daily Event

You need to schedule training for golf as something that is a part of your everyday life if you want to see some solid improvement to your game. This doesn’t mean you have to devote your life to it. It’s just a matter of finding 30 minutes to 1 hour most days to do a few golf exercises, study some golf tips or videos and plan and prepare for your weekend game.

How to Find Instant Relief When You Panic on the Course

There is nothing worse that experiencing a badly missed shot in the midst of competition. Everyone has a pressure problem in Golf.

Does Everyone Who Plays Golf Desire The Perfect Golf Swing?

To be good at golf it’s all about practicing over and over again until you get it right. If you want the perfect golf swing then practicing is the way to go. But on the other hand each golf player has a different body mechanism, so therefore no two people will have the same golf swing at any one time on the golf course.

Golf Tips and Videos Can Really Help Improve Your Game

I’ve been playing golf for years, but most of that time has been spent ‘just having a go’. Recently however I’ve tried to find some golf tips and videos and put some golf drills into practice. I’ve found that applying these tips and analyzing their effect on my game has helped my performance.

Fear of Failure in Golf Exists Because You Are Creating a Negative Future – Do You Know Why?

Have you ever worried about the outcome or the result of a shot? Have you ever felt tense or under some pressure to make a shot, like a putt? Have you ever looked at your opponents ball on the green and started thinking how you “must” get on the green? You are suffering fear of failure for you can only get tense or worried about a shot if you are worried that the shot may be poor. If you knew you could not fail would you still worry or just go for it?

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