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Playing Golf in Bad Weather Does Not Mean You Have to Play Poorly – Part 1

Playing in bad weather is a challenge, but when you prepare yourself your round of golf doesn’t have to suffer. Even seasoned golfers find it difficult to play effectively in inclement weather. Rain, wind and cold will affect the way you dress, your swing, the flight of the golf ball and the speed and breaks on the greens.

Revealed – The 5 Must Do’s to Stop the Fats in Pitching and Chipping

Driving the ball a long way off the tee makes the game so much easier and it’s great for the ego to the last to play in your 4Ball! Most people I teach, come along wanting to hit it further and straighter and I’m happy to oblige but there comes a time to actually get the ball near or in the hole. The short game is where the Pro’s really make their cash on tour here’s how to get the ball close to that flag.

Golf Grip Tips, Get a Grip on It?

Golf grip tips who needs them? Not me I am a natural? Famous last words, you really need to get a grip on it. Enjoy your Golf Game. After you learn the fundamentals, learn the advanced tips…

Golf Etiquette – Great Tips You Can Use to Make Your Day on the Golf Course Enjoyable

Let’s face it, golf is no doubt one of the top sports in the world when it comes to manners. I will bet you have never seen Jack Nicholas run after his fellow competitor with a golf club or Tiger Woods in some way take out his opponent. No golfer, when teeing up a ball, gets called names just as he is about to take a swing.

Golf Swing Rhythm – Practice Golf Swing Rhythm For Accuracy

Distance, rhythm and tempo go hand in hand in the golf swing. In order to improve power, accuracy and distance it is imperative that you incorporate rhythm into your swing. Rhythm is the key component that synchronizes each of your body parts throughout your swing. There are other key elements involved in relation to rhythm and that is timing and balance. All of the above is critical if you wish to be accurate and consistent on the golf course.

A Review of “Five Keys to Distance” by World Long Drive Champion Eric Jones

I tried out the Five Keys to Distance by World Long Drive Champion Eric Jones to see if I could add some distance to my golf long game. I was pretty skeptical of this product and it’s claims at being able to increase your driving game by up to 50 yards or more. Eventually I figured, who better teach this stuff than the world long driving champion. So far I’ve been quite impressed and have been able to consistently add 20 to 25 yards to my game after only 3 days of applying these principles.

How to Buy Junior Golf Club Sets? Sure-Fire Ways to Ensure You Buy the Right Clubs For Your Kids!

Does anyone out there remember back when junior golf club sets for children were basic standard sized clubs which were cut down to fit the height of your child? Back many years ago most junior golfers would receive their fathers old, rusted down golf clubs. Mostly they would be too big for you but that was just the way it was. You had to do the best you could with what you were given.

How to Get Your Golf Swing Corrected

In every sport, an athlete always seeks to improve his or her game. This article shares some tips how one can get his/her golf swing corrected.

Basic Golf Swing Tips

This article introduces the fundamentals of the basic golf swing and how you can improve it. Straight to the point tips to get good results.

Do You Want to Play Better Golf?

Wanting to play better golf is a quest for all golfers everywhere and the information provided here will hopefully give you an understanding of what it takes in some part to becoming a better player. Whatever your skill level all golfers agree that there is always room for improvement so read on to take the next step towards better golf.

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