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Breaking 80 Golf Tips – Discover the Secret to Hitting Crisp, Clean Shots For Duffers

Most every golfer I have ever met wants to improve or play better golf. Yeah they may be duffers, golfers with handicaps, but they still long to improve their golf swing, shoot lower scores and reduce their handicap.

Golf Game Simplified

As interesting as the game of golf is, there are still issues that cause it to seem to confuse some people about its uniqueness. This article discusses the way the basic concepts of golf game can be presented to a beginner in a simple way.

Older Golfers Still Enjoying the Game

One of the greatest aspects about the game of golf is that even the older golfers can still get into the action. While it is great that someone above 50 can still enjoy a round of golf, there are a few things that they will want to do to ensure that they have a fun round that is both energetic and safe. It is easy for someone to pull muscles or hurt their backs when it comes to swinging a golf club all day.

Developing Your Golf Strength Will Help to Make Huge Improvements to Your Game!

The concept of ‘core strength’ is the concept of spending time and effort on strengthening and conditioning the core muscles of your body in order to play better golf. By not spending the time to develop this area of your body you risk developing a weakness that will have a negative effect on your golf swing.

Improve Your Golf Swing Power & Distance With Core Flexibility Training

If you are trying to increase your driving distance and improve the power in your golf swing then you need to be thinking about how to improve your core flexibility. You core is a critical component of your swing, if it is not flexible then you will have no chance to make a complete backswing without any tension.

Golf Strategy – Chipping For the Cup

Your approach shot missed the green. You can’t hit every iron straight as an arrow. Even the pros don’t. But they get their chip close so they can make their par putt. You might not be able to develop a professional swing, but there’s no reason you can’t be just as deadly around the greens.

Develop Your Power Golf Swing With a Core Golf Workout

The movement that you primarily undertake during the course of your golf swing is that of rotating your upper body back as far as you can and then rotating it back and through your downswing. By utilising a golf swing exercise program that focuses on rotation while also helping you to build strength and flexibility you will see big improvements in your golf swing’s power.

Get in the Right Shape to Play Your Best Golf

Not a lot of people probably look at the average golfer and really understand how much of a toll playing 18 holes really takes on that person’s body and mind. You only have to look at how the top professionals in the world train to get a feel for just how important it is for you to be physically fit in order to meet the demands of the modern game.

Learn to Play Your Best Golf by Getting Fit

These days many golfers are starting to realise that in order to play their best golf they can’t simply rely on playing more as a way to condition their bodies and build additional strength. You’ve probably heard the term ‘fit for golf’ by now and it is something that you should take seriously if you ever want to be able to play golf at your full potential.

Golf Strategy – Hitting the Ball to the Green

Once you have your tee shot in the fairway, you’re in control. Choose your next shot carefully, though. It can open the door to a par, or it can lead you to one shot after another, after another, after another.

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