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A Balanced Golf Swing Is a Key To Consistent Ball-Striking

If you watch a professional golfer swing, one thing you notice, perhaps without being aware of it, is how gracefully they finish. They’ve completed a dramatic swinging movement that accelerates the club to speeds of 100 MPH or more, and yet they stand at the finish like they just stepped into a pose. How do they do that? One word. Balance.

Three Golf Shots You Should Not Play Without

Everybody knows that if you hit the ball straight and putt the lights out, you’ll play a pretty good game of golf. Those are shots you need to play well. But your high scores are frequently the result of holes where you get in trouble and one thing leads to another. Here are three shots that will help you avoid those round-wreckers.

Chipping Golf Balls For Practice – The Proper Ways to Practice Chipping!

So, you might spend hours upon hours practicing your golf game, but you are not getting the results you are hoping for. Why is it that when you are chipping golf balls for practice you do not seem to be getting any better on the course? There are many things you must know about chipping if you are trying to improve and there are many practice routines that can help you improve drastically.

Will Golf Fitness Training Improve Your Golf Game?

George is a good looking guy and is pretty well-built, for a forty year old. He has always worked out and considers himself fit. But, because George always wants to be the best, he thought he would ramp up his fitness regimen a little in order to beat a few of his golf buddies.

Can Golf Swing Training Aids Help Your Game?

If you look at a professional golfer, you would think that they would need to use golf swing training aids, but you can bet that they use them all the time. After all, they didn’t get on the tour based on their natural ability alone – it takes work.

Can a Golf Swing Training Aid Fix My Swing?

My friend Richie used to spend hours in golf stores, looking at all the training aids that were available. He thought that each of them would work and fix his swing. I can’t even begin to tell you how much money Richie wasted on those products when the truth was that he didn’t even know what his problem was before he started playing around with them. How can you find a golf swing training aid that works for the problem that you really do have, without spending a fortune and trying every single one in the store?

What Is a Good Source for Golf Training Swing Advice?

Jim was like a lot of golfers in that the older he got, the worse he played. Actually, he didn’t play poor, he just scored higher and higher as the years went on. And, when he retired, he wanted to make sure that his game was under control since he would have lot more time and money on his hands.

Which Golf Swing Training Equipment Is Right for Your Game?

I am a little ashamed to say it, but when my golf game started to fall apart, I really didn’t know what to do. I had previously met with the golf professional at my course, but all he really did was destroy what little talent I had left I know that he meant well, but sometimes rebuilding your game completely is not the best idea, especially when you are approaching fifty years old.

Play Your Own Game

I play golf. Correction, I play golf badly. In fact, I played so badly the other day I came home and told my wife that I was seeing someone else for the four hours.

TaylorMade Clubs – Choose the Perfect Golf Club For You

It is a given fact that the kind of golf club you use greatly affects your game. However, it is important to note that it does not necessarily mean that you have to purchase an expensive set – what you need is the right set that best suits your playing style.

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