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Swinging Tips – Swing Like a Pro Now

The golf swing is the most essential part of your game. A good swing is required to hit the ball where you want it to go. The professionals may make it look easy, but there swing was developed from thousands of hours of trial and error, and practice.

Becoming a Par Golfer Takes More Than a Good Golf Swing

Whether you are a part time golfer or someone that plays each and every weekend without fail you probably realise that it takes more than just being able to hit the ball properly in order to become a par golfer. Like other sportsmen, be it a football player, a jockey or boxer, you must realise that fitness play a massive part in your success on the golf course, and that without a well thought out and executed fitness plan you are unlikely to reach the lofty goals you have set for yourself.

Power Hitters, Why It’s Not All About How Hard You Swing the Club

Are you one of those golfers who believes that the quickest way to developing a more powerful swing is to simply try and hit the ball as hard as you possibly can each time you swing the club? If so, how’s that working out for you, are you having much luck or do you find yourself struggling to keep the ball heading where it’s supposed to?

Golfing Gifts For Your Favorite Golfer

Let’s start this article by pointing out that there is a difference between experienced and novice golfers. They have different wants and needs. The experienced golfer has been playing for awhile and has become accustomed to certain golfing gift items including types of golf balls, golf clubs, and other golf equipment while he or she is playing.

Should You Consider a Golf Weight Training Program?

For whatever reason, the idea of a golfer undertaking a weight training program in order to build strength and stamina into their game has always brought with it a little bit of controversy among amateur or non-professional players. There’s still a lot of fear and apprehension for people who consider this as an option and when you really look at the facts behind a golf weight training program it’s easy to see that there shouldn’t be an controversy at all.

The Search Still Goes on For the Perfect Golf Tee Peg

There are many strange rituals in the game of golf, and it usually makes no difference what country it is played in, of what language the participants are speaking. One of the strangest, yet most widespread, involves the lowly golf tee peg.

Hybrid Golf Clubs – Mixing Two Materials to Make Beginner Friendly Clubs

Hybrid golf clubs, also know as utility clubs, are just what the name says. They are a cross between a wood and an iron.

Work on Yourself to Make the Most of This Golf Swing Drill

The drill itself starts with taking the golf club through your proper back swing right to the limit of your body, at this point in the golf swing drill you should be concentrating on the rotation of your body and extending your arms. Next, starting with the lower part of your body the golf swing drill moves to the down swing and this is achieved by transferring your weight through your hips and thighs moving forward from back to front.

How to Swing a Golf Club and Decrease the Strokes in Your Golf Game

In learning how to swing a golf club, you have to move your body in correlation with your hips, hands, and the midsection of your body as well as your mind. All these parts must be able to move in one motion so that you can execute the right kind of swing. As a novice, you may fail many times before you can perfect the craft.

Golf Tips – Turn Your Pre-Shot Routine Into a Whole Shot Routine

You might have heard that good golfers have a pre-shot routine they go through every time they hit a shot. It’s a good idea for you, too, because it ensures that you tip the odds of making a good shot in your favor as much as possible.

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