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Golf Short Game Tips, Know How to Judge Distance Around the Green

A few years back I got one of the greatest short game tips from Dave Pelz. His book the “Short Game Bible” is the classic for golf short game instruction. Dave and almost every “professional” in the world recommends that we know our distance to the flag. This is important so that we can know which club to select and how long to make our back swing to get to the pin.

Purchasing a Golf Swing Jacket and Other Apparel

The things that you wear in golf course ranging from golf swing jacket to your golf shoes can definitely affect the kind of game that you will have. A good golfer actually knows the proper dress code. You can also allow one to play in a comfortable way.

Improve Your Chipping Golf Stroke

If you dream that every time you do chipping golf stroke, the ball will go near the hole to lower down your score then you can achieve this. In doing so your score would actually go down. The chip shot can be described as flat and low flying.

How One Can Improve a Weak Golf Grip

In the game of golf, most players often ignore the right grip of the tool. Beginners are the ones who usually ignore the fact that weak golf grip can actually ruin a person’s game. Without right grip, the game would suffer. Your golf swing would be affected without a doubt.

Take the Family Out to Your Local California Golf Course

A beautiful golf course is the Arcadia par three course. Situated near the San Gabriel Mountains, the eighteen-hole golf course is well-lit so that you can play a game or use the practice facility in the cooler late-night hours.

Practicing a Full Golf Swing

Do you want to have a good game like Tiger Woods? The answer to this question is dependent upon your golf swing. The truth is every golf player got different kind of swinging but first you need to know the proper way of doing a full golf swing.

Reading a Golf Swing E-Book

There are a lot of ways to mastering the perfect golf swing. One is you can hire a golf trainer that can teach you the basics however they are quite expensive. Another is actually reading some books and articles. The problem is sometimes they are not complete.

Achieving a Natural Golf Swing

For those people who don’t know how to achieve the perfect golf swing, the best way is to learn one’s natural golf swing. In this way you know how to manage and control it. If you know how to do the best golf swing then you will definitely improve your slice.

Golf Swing – Easy Tips For Beginners

If your husband has just announced that he wants a divorce but you still love him, there is no need for you to be absolutely hopeless about it. There have been countless number of times where the spouse filing a divorce has suddenly changed their Being an amateur golfer, you surely need to develop an excellent repeatable swing and that’s where you start.

Using a Golf Swing Guide

For those people who want to be a best golf player, there are many types of training guide that you can find. An example is a golf swing guide that can benefit any novice player out there. Unfortunately not every manual can serve you well. The choice is endless from expensive classes to software.

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