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Golf Tips 101 – What to Look at During Your Swing

This article comes from a series of articles that detail golf tips and how to use them on the course. This tip talks about what to focus on or look at during your actual swing. Sometimes golfers never know what to look at.

Then and Now Upon the Hallowed Golfing Green

Had you been a golfer prior to 1951 you would have certainly been stymied at some point. A ‘stymie’ as described in the dictionary simply means to be thwarted or hindered. If an opponents ball came between your ball and the hole therefore preventing you from putting out it meant that you were being thwarted from doing so and you were deemed as being stymied.

Simple at Home Golf Drills During the Offseason

Have you ended the golf season on the wrong note? Are you considering calling it quits? Before you make any impulsive decisions, please consider reading this article.

Doing Business While Playing Golf

What to think about while doing business on the golf course. I have done this many times and believe me when I say you don’t want to do it without a game plan!

How Did Golf Start?

It has been said that golf started in Scotland in the 1600′s and was played with a stick and a ball from one point to another or village to village some also say the shepherds played it with their crooks and hit pebbles. The oldest golf course is located in St. Andrews and people started playing there in the 16th century.

Golf Tips 101 – Fixing the Slice Temporarily

This article is part of a collection of articles that detail some useful golf tips. This article in particular talks about how to fix your golf slice temporarily on the course. If you have ever golfed before then you probably know what slice is.

Social Activities And Championship Golf In Beautiful Ford’s Colony

Ford’s Colony is a gated private real estate community that features one of the most unbelievable golfing experiences in Williamsburg Virginia. Consisting of 54 holes of beautiful fairways that meander throughout the neighborhoods of this gated community, Ford’s Colony has received numerous awards and accolades including a 4 1/2 star rating from Golf Digest’s Places to Play…

The Best Golf Tips for Beginners

You can find all types of golf tips for beginners out there to be found. Receive any tips about your golf game that you can find and then try them out to see if they perform. You can actually by no means have too many tips if you really intend to make your golf game better.

Golf Swing Fundamental to Improve Your Golf Swing

Useful golf swing fundamentals for the golf beginners to improve their swing. Simple and easy to understand golf swing improving tips to hit the ball on the golf course.

Are the Wrong Clubs to Blame for a Bad Golf Game?

Getting kitted out for any new sport can be intimidating, but in most cases only minimal equipment is required. In golf, there is an entire golf bag to fill.

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