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Golf Putting Tips – Why You Should Focus on Your Elbow Angles When Putting

The main goal of putting is to get the golf ball into the hole. You want to get the ball rolling the right distance and following the break of the green in order to do so. But what happens when you are not confident of being able to consistently sink a straight putt on a smooth surface and tend to pull or push it? Pay more attention to your elbow angles when putting in order to putt better. Common tips on putting often suggest changing your putting style or using a different type of putter such as the belly putter. This article highlights why focusing on your elbow angles when putting will improve your putting stroke and prevent you from having to make radical changes in the way you putt.

Basic Golf Tips for Solid Driver Shots

Many golfers are intimidated by driver shots and in an effort to “drive for show” lose focus of driver shot fundamentals forgetting to simply let the driver do the work for them. Remember, it is much, much better to hit a straight 200 yard drive into the fairway than a 300 slice into the woods. With that said, here are a few basic golf tips to setup properly for driver shots which will result in both more accuracy and longer distance.

Great Golf Swing Tips

The golf swing is without a doubt one of the most aggravating parts of the sport of golf. Individuals are constantly searching for golf swing tips for help bettering their swing to get more distance or to remedy troubles like a slice or perhaps a hook.

Can Golf Instruction Work For You?

The technology in golf equipment has improved dramatically over the last thirty years, while there is a substantial amount of information for golfers to study, and many new training aids to help their game. Yet, over this time, golfers don’t seem to improve much. Why? Can instruction be effective?

Golf Tips 101 – How to Read a Green

This article is part of a big collection of works that detail golf tips and how they can help the everyday golfer. This tip will talk about how to read a green and prepare for a putt.

The Hole In One Quality Of Wilson Golf Clubs

Imagine you are in the Celtic manor, representing either United States or the whole of Europe, to one of golf’s most prestigious event the Ryder cup. This year would be the 38th installment of the tournament, were the world’s best golfers are in attendance. The likes of Tiger Woods, Lee Westwood, Rory Mcilroy, and Martin Kaymer and more, would do battle to claim the trophy for the pride of their nation. Most golf enthusiast, waited all year long for this sporting event to happen. They would travel from different part of the globe, to witness the glory of their favourite golfer. We all dream to be in the Ryder cup and Wilson golf clubs might bring us closer to that goal.

Golf Club Maintenance and Care – Information and Guide for Beginners

Golf beginners should take note that just like other sport equipments, it is important to take proper maintenance and care of your golf clubs to ensure that their lifespan is not reduced. The initial investment for a complete golf set can be quite a princely sum and it will indeed be costly for any replacements if breakages to your golf clubs occur due to poor maintenance and care. In addition, a well maintained golf set can fetch a higher trading in value when a new set is purchased.

Golf Putting Technique – A Guide to Improve Golf Putting for Beginners

For a golf beginner, you may have been told that the golf putting technique is probably the most important golf technique that you should master and to improve on. Having the right putting technique will help to reduce your golf score considerably. It has been mentioned that many golfers have destroyed their opponents by holing with just one good putt despite some dreadful strokes before hitting the greens.

Skills That Golf Training Aids Should Develop

Using golf training aids is a surefire way to improve your golf game. Practicing daily is needed to outshine the opponent on the green.

Golf For Beginners – Pepper That Pin When You Learn How To Pitch Like The Pros!

So, for a pitch shot, we need to get some height on the ball to achieve the necessary trajectory to land the ball softly and release gently to the hole, To do this, obviously, we need to use a lofted club. The clubs of choice will be sand wedge, pitching wedge, any kind of lob wedge, basically any type of lofted club.

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