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The Perfect Golf Swing – How to Get Yours!

When people talk about the perfect golf swing it is a very subjective matter. This is because everybody has a different swing. If you look at the professionals, each one has a different characteristic to their swing. I couldn’t really pick one person and say that they have the perfect golf swing that you should try and emulate. Instead, I suggest that you try and find the perfect golf swing that suits you!

Women’s Golf Apparel – Unleashing the Woman in You

In order to play the game, you would need that “golf” look but gone were the days wherein a woman has to wear anything that has black, white or beige in it just to play golf since women of today knows how to put fashion in the world of golf. These days, there are loads of women’s golf apparel to choose from.

How to Putt and Lower Your Scores Today!

Putting is the quickest and surest way to lower your scores. If you can spend 20 minutes putting, you can easily lower your scores drastically. I am talking about anywhere from 7 to 12 strokes, if you are a high handicapper, and at least 2 or 3 for all handicap levels. Guaranteed.

The Golf Swing Sequence – 5 Things You Need to Be Aware Of

The golf swing may seem like one fluid, seamless movement but in fact it is a lot easier to improve your swing if you think of it as a sequence. By addressing each different key point of the golf swing sequence, it is far easier to improve your swing and find out where you may be going wrong.

Using the Correct Golf Swing Means You Don’t Need Expensive Equipment!

Just about every golfer out there wants to improve their swing, no matter how good it is. Buying expensive equipment is not the answer to improving your golf game. If you use the correct golf swing then you will be able to constantly hit the ball straight and long.

Golf Score

Each hole on a course has a par, or the amount of shots that it should be completed in by a professional or an amateur golfer who possesses a handicap of scratch. If the par on each hole adds up to 72 after 18 holes, then it follows that the player with a handicap of scratch has to shoot 72 to live up to his or her status. Few players get to be that good.

On and Around the Green

Repairing a pitch mark is easy. If your ball has landed on the green from a distance away then it will almost certainly have left one. Pitch mark repairers are available from any professional’s shop for a nominal sum and are simple to use.

Golf Swing Power and Accuracy – Taken Up Golf Recently Or Just Trying to Improve?

If you have taken up golf recently, most beginners find it very frustrating when they first start and this is why so many golfers give up. They try it once and think I am no good at that and give it away. Go out and have three or four games before you decide, golf is addictive – very soon if you’re not careful it becomes your lifestyle.

Golf Learning Systems – What’s Available on the Market Today

The game of golf has been perplexing it’s participants since it’s inception. Hitting the perfect golf shot takes years of persistent practice, and there are numerous golf learning systems to choose from. Whether you are trying to fix a hook shot or increase your golf club distance, here are a some of the techniques you can use to improve.

How to Golf – Golf Swing, Tips and Grip

The thought that crosses almost every golfer, whether you’re in a middle of a game or just practicing you ask yourself “Why isn’t my golf swing improving?” You know how to hold the club, you know and understand the basics, and where to stand, but you still cant get that great seamlessly swing time after time.

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