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Reading Greens – What Direction Is The Grain Growing?

Grain has much more of an impact on the way the golf ball reacts on the putting green than most people think. Improve your reading putting green skills by finding out a few simple ways to identify in which direction the grain is growing.

Golf Rule 1 – Never Hit The Golf Ball Until And Unless You Are Comfortable And Ready To Go

Each and every individual has a unique pre-shot ritual that makes him or her feel comfortable. Well, it is very important to understand what makes you comfortable before you complete the swing. At that point of swing, you should be completely relaxed and should be focused on the task of hitting the ball as far as possible or as accurately as possible.

Big Drives Or Precise Putts – Which Golf Shot Should You Focus On? An Insight

The big booming swing happens to be the most glamorous aspect of golf. Just take a look at any television advertisement involving golf and you will see a well built fellow swinging the golf club really hard and propelling the ball over a very long and high distance. However, when you have 18 holes on the golf course, you can be rest assured that you would not be playing the big booming swing more than 18 to 20 times in the entire course.

Beginner At Golf – Start Small And Keep It Simple For Maximum Fun At The Course

Do you spend more time feeling conscious about others opinion about your game? Or do you spend more time focusing on your game? This is a very important question for beginners.

Take Bermuda Grass Seriously When Green Reading

Bermuda grass has heavier and thicker blades of grass which grow horizontally across the putting surface. This makes it harder to cut and the longer the blades are the more of an impact it will have when it comes to green reading.

Bad Technique And Stance May Be The Reason Behind Your Frequent Golf Injuries

Do you play golf very well whenever you get to play? Are you frequently plagued by injuries that prevent you from enjoying your came to the fullest? Do not conclude that you are plain unlucky or that your game is suffering due to lack of health.

GolfBuddy Pro GPS – No Other Golf GPS Does It Better

When it comes to golf GPS systems, Golfbuddy Pro GPS is one of the most popular choices among many golfers. The amazing features it has, aesthetically packaged and presented in a gorgeous-looking unit, is well worth the price range it currently holds, pegged at $200 to $400. Originally created for real pro caddies, the GolfBuddy Pro GPS offers golf players the opportunity to enhance their skills and game performance; thus boost their confidence while on the golf course. This charming little piece of GPS device is such a versatile golf companion, you shouldn’t play golf without one. If you’re aspiring for better golf scores, you had better get your own GolfBuddy Pro GPS unit now.

Paul Runyan

Considered short for golfers, Paul Runyan measured in at 5 feet 7 inches, and while he didn’t have a tremendous long game, his short game was just about unparalleled by any of his peers. He is considered today to be one of the most influential short game players of all time and his techniques have been taught to thousands of golfers throughout the years.

Green Reading – How Grain Influences Your Putting

Apart from the slope and contours of the putting green, there are several other factors that influence the pace and direction your ball will travel in when green reading. One of those significant factors is the grain, so find out how this can impact your putting performance.

The Pendulum Putting Stroke Is The Easiest To Master

There are really only two putting strokes that are effective, the pendulum and the arcing putting stroke. Find out why the pendulum putting stroke is the easiest to master!

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