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How to Hit Your Putts Straighter, Hole More of Your Putts Overnight – Check Your Putter Lie Angle

Most amateurs are using putters that are ill suited to them little realising what a huge difference even just one aspect of fitting like the “Lie Angle” can make. How much of a difference does it make? Depending on how much you are personally out, a lot! If your putter is out by as little as 3 degrees, you will miss putts at 28 feet or longer that would have gone in with the correct lie. Since the putter is responsible for a huge percentage of that number written on the bottom of your card and is pretty much where matches and competitions are won and lost at all levels of the game, you owe it to yourself to get it right.

Protect Your Knees While on the Golf Course

When you are walking around the golf course all day, you are placing your knees in danger. The impact of your footfalls can easily cause damage to your knees, as well as your golf stance.

Types of Golf Bag Accessories

A superior quality golf bag is a must have for any golfer once he is on the course. This golf bag should be large enough to accommodate all the golf irons and clubs needed to play the game. The iron is designed and carved intricately so as to be able to hit the ball hard and in this sense is scientifically manufactured balancing every inch diligently.

Golf Repetition, When It’s the Smart Thing to Do and When It’s Insanity, Know the Difference in Golf

Repeating a thing over and over can be complete insanity or the smartest thing you’ll ever do. It’s knowing the difference and applying the rules accordingly that is the trick to high achievement – in any area of your life by the way, not just golf! Contradictions exist and can co-exist. Never do the same thing over and over and do the same thing over and over, would seem to be a contradiction and in mental game, you have to learn to care the least when it matters the most.

How to Choose the Best Golf Ball

Playing with the right golf ball is going to help your game. Read the following article and find out why.

Weekend Golfers! Improve Your Golf Game and Lower Your Scores Today!

Wish your golf scores were better? Not enough time for lessons? Here’s a focused approach to golf instruction that will help players of all skill levels improve their game without a lot of time or money!

Golf GPS or No Golf GPS? That is the Question

What is your golf game like? Are you well into your season and that old golf fever has taken hold? I expect you and your playing partners are discussing the benefits and the minuses of GPS systems. Are they legal in competition? Well I can tell you, No. At least in professional tournaments and for many lesser competitions.

Golf Putting Tips For the New Golf Season

Hoorah, winter weather is over and warm golf returns; unrestricted by winter clothes, well almost its not summer yet. Anyway I managed a pitch and putt with no rain and no soggy greens. So I’ve been looking forward to more regular golf; not that I didn’t play all winter there were moments and windows of opportunity, not enough though.

Do You Need a Golf GPS Or Laser Device? What to Look For

Any help to your game is welcome. On the golf course any/every golfer needs to know the yardages to certain key targets; these include carries over bunkers distances to flags and to various parts of the green. There are several devices now on the market which can give you these guidances.

How to Fix a Slice

Usually your stance and swing plane are two of the biggest problems. I suggest taking a golf swing trainer and a large bucket of balls to the practice range. The first thing to do is loosen up your muscles and this can be done with your swing trainer which has a built in grip and also has an iron head so you can also hit range balls with it.

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