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Learn To Golf – Thou Shall Not Peak

Remaining steady during the putting stroke is one of the most crucial aspects to successful putting. During the Accenture World Match Play Championships this year we saw just how critical this fundamental of successful putting is.

How To Play Golf – Establishing Your Practice Priorities

All good players understand the importance of prioritizing practice on areas of the game that make the greatest difference between good golf and great golf. This article compares some interesting stats that demonstrate what makes players like Phil Mickelson, Jim Furyk, and Tiger Woods the great players they are.

Cure the Dreaded Shanks and Improve Your Full Swing at the Same Time

The shanks befuddle and infuriate almost all golfers who play the game. Contrary to common belief, there is only one cause of the shanks and the cure is relatively simple.

Golf Downswing Tips

This may be terribly difficult for you to master the golf downswing, but learning the techniques in the correct manner can provide you the best downswings in the golf. Here, some of our golf downswing tips will aid you in playing golf with more confidence.

Laser Link Red Hot Golf Rangefinders: A Good Review

The Laser Link Red Hot Golf Rangefinder is a revolutionary product in the game of Golf. It has been touted as one of the best measuring devices on the golf course.

Who Needs Golf Lessons?

Because we are not machines we will deviate from our lesson plan or from what we know to be the proper way to do things. Sometimes this can be caused by sleeping incorrectly in bed or on the couch which causes a back spasm, or a sore muscle or just plain old comfort. Sometimes we see other do things differently then we do them and ask how they do that and we alter our swing only to find it does not work and we cannot get back to our old swing. Should we take golf lessons or just ask our fellow golfers for help? Read the article and find out.

Rife Golf Equipment

Rife Golf Equipment has attained a very sacrosanct status in the golfing fraternity. Players have only grown fond of this gear over the years as they have seen their game going up many levels. They have seen how this gear has made them superstars over a period of time. They have been able to take quality shots, corrected existing flaws in their game and made their technique more robust. Much to the ecstasy of their supporters and dismay of critics, the gear has helped them evolve as a better player and solidify their stance as one of the best in the business.

How To Make More Putts – Drills From The Pro’s

Over 40% of your shots during a round of golf are putts. Having a solid, repeatable putting stroke can make the difference between a great round of golf, and a horrible one. If you sink more putts, you score better, and this article will give you a few great drills and tips that will help you putt and score better.

Golf Swing Training – How to Hit the Ball Farther

Have you ever wished you could hit the ball further on the golf course? Many golfers wish they knew the secret to doing this, but most don’t even know where to begin.

Cherokee Village Arkansas Golf Courses

Cherokee Village is a golfer’s paradise with two championship 18 hole golf courses. Both courses are well maintained and uncrowded.

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