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Golf Swing Practice Right in Your Backyard

Would you like to be able to practice right in your back yard. Hitting real golf balls. Using a full swing. You are going to love this.

Stack and Tilt – Improve Your Golf Swing

Once you take up Golf and start to look for a way to improve your Golf swing, you’ll discover numerous different instructional books, videos and tips. After reading the Golf digest article on the stack and tilt swing, I started checking into numerous resources about this type of swing can apply to improving my swing. The Stack and tilt started to become popular around 2007 when a couple of professional golfers started using this swing. If you’re wondering, does this work? So if you’re interesting in improving your swing, making better shots, and getting the distance you want, then the DVD instructional video will have everything you need to get yourself started with the stack and tilt swing method.

Spin Golf Ball! The Two Factors That Contribute the Most to Golf Ball Spin

What makes a golf ball spin? How can I learn to get my golf ball to spin?

The Proper Golf Swing – What is It?

Attaining the proper golf swing can be a very elusive goal. Have you ever noticed when watching the pros on tv that they all have beautiful golf swings? Yet their swings all look different from one another in someway.

Improve Your Golf Swing – Eight of the Best Tips That I Can Provide

Improve your golf swing right now by following and trying these ten tips. Having a golf slice is one of the most frustrating things to try and tame isn’t it? I struggled for several years with a slice and I tried everything to fix it.

Trouble Shots – Secret Tips to Judge Wind Speed For Duffers

Discover this breakthrough method to judge wind speed. Don’t let the uncertainty the wind brings derail your round. Learn the clues the wind gives you to determine wind velocity. Be informed and confident with your club and shot selection on those days when the wind gets up.

How I Tried to Improve My Golf Swing

How to improve my golf swing, has been a lifelong journey for me. I would like to share part of that journey with you, my fellow amateur golfers.

Driving Range Mats

Driving range mats are the norm today at golf courses. But are they good for your swing?

Golf Power Swing Taught by a Long Drive Champion

The golf power swing is the move that generates maximum club head speed for distance. Learning it can seem to be an impossible athletic challenge for many of us – a lack of core strength and flexibility can be limiting factors in trying to make a full turn. However, the true challenge is in developing awareness of the sequence of moves that make up the stroke and being able to repeat the moves well enough that they become familiar to the mind and body. With this awareness any golfer is able to use the strength and flexibility they DO have to their greatest advantage.

How Can I Improve My Golf Swing? Here Are Some Tips to Help You

If you suffer from either a hook or a slice or even short distances, golf may be a somewhat frustrating sport. It really is no fun and rather embarrassing when you get ready to hit the ball and then you watch it veer away from your goal. Don’t you sometimes wish that at that moment you were on your own private course by yourself instead of with a group of people?

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