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Golf in Scotland – Regional Golf Course Guide and Where to Play Golf in Scotland

Over 550 years ago, golf was born in Scotland. It was not the fastest growing sport by any means as by 1850, there were less than 20 golf courses in Scotland. However, by the early 1900’s there was 275 and today there are more than 550 golf courses throughout Scotland. Figures suggest than 1 in 10 play golf and when you are out traveling, Scotland is simply littered with golf courses at every turn and you can always see someone pulling or pushing their golf trolley down the pavement.

Finding Women’s Golf Clubs That Are Perfect For You

Buying your first pair of golf clubs is no small task. Golf clubs don’t come cheap, and any mistake you make might mean the difference between shining on the golf course, and playing like an amateur forever, or until it’s time for a new set of clubs!

Golf GPS Units Help You Learn the Lay of the Course Easily

My son absolutely loves golf. He loves going to his golf lessons, playing golf games on Saturday afternoons with me, and watching golf tournaments on television. My wife and I have been brainstorming what special present we should get for our son for his upcoming birthday, and we decided to ask close family and friends for their advice.

Achieving A Proper Golf Swing

Most golfers are not confident in their golf swings. In order to gain confidence you must have the proper basics & knowledge. In this article you will do just that learn the basics, knowledge and gain confidence!

SkyCaddie SGX Golf GPS Device

You won’t get your hands on one of these until April 2010, but SkyCaddie has released some details about the features of its latest golf GPS rangefinder, the SkyCaddie SGX, a device that SkyGolf claims is revolutionary and will usher in the “next generation” of rangefinders. At first glance (judging only from the few teasing screenshots on its main website), it appears that SkyGolf has mimicked the look, feel, and functionality of touchscreen golf GPS devices like OnPar, or smartphone/iPhone apps like the very popular GolfShot. a

Golf GPS Units – The One Tool That Provides 4 Ways to Improve Your Golf Game

Why walk around to scout out the terrain and distances to the next hole, when a golf GPS unit can provide a number of useful insights and information to help any golfer with their game. The main purpose of golf GPS units is to take out the frustration while you are working your way to the green.

Less is More in Golf

When most of us set out to improve our golf games the natural tendency is to do more. But what if you did less?

The 2,500 Year Old Secret to a Better Game

There were two major revelations during Tiger Woods’ televised apology. The first was that he is really, really sorry. The other? Tiger came out as a Buddhist, saying that a return to the religion was part of his recovery. So, you are probably asking, what does this have to do with your golf game? Well, if you are open to it, plenty.

Four Strategies For Improving Your Mental Game

According to instructor Darrin Gee, only about 3 minutes of the 4+ hours it takes to play a round of golf are spent swinging the club. It would stand to reason that the inner workings of our mind during that time will have a real impact on what we do when it comes time to actually hit the ball. Following, are four strategies for improving your mental game and hopefully lowering your score.

Taking Up Playing Golf

If you are thinking of taking up the sport of golf, then this article will provide you with some good advice and ideas. Golf is a very popular pastime, sport and hobby for many reasons.

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