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Golf Putting Tips and 3 Drills That Can Absolutely Make You a Better Putter

When it comes to golf putting tips, I’ve handed out quite a few in my 40 years playing this game. And I’ve taught a lot of putting drills to reinforce those tips. Let’s take a look at some of these tips and drills that can absolutely make you a better putter.

Perceive Negative Self Talk Over the Golf Ball As a ‘Signal’

This article is about helping you to play better golf. The article challenges the traditional sport psychology view that negative thoughts are something that needs to be stopped, and replaced with positive thoughts. I’d like to propose a new way of looking at things: What if you perceive negative thoughts as nothing more than a ‘signal’ that needs to be attended to?

Finding Discount Golf Clubs Online

Playing golf is a prestigious thing, but also it can cost you a lot of money; as most of the top brand products start with $1500 and go higher. So if you can find a way to get them in cheaper price, it would be a great option for you to save some money.

Bunker Play – Five Tips to Help You With Your Next Bunker Shot For Duffers

Oh no! Your approach shot has landed in a green side bunker again. Based on the past few attempts you have no confidence you can get it out of the bunker and on the green in one shot. Discover the simple swing and mental techniques you need to make this shot a piece of cake.

Play Golf Faster, Without Hurrying

Golf is a game of courtesy. It is the only sport where principles of etiquette are included in the rule book. Good manners are built on thinking of other people, and one of the most courteous things you can do for your playing partners and all the golfers behind you is to keep the game moving. Here are some ways to do it.

How to Clean Your Golf Balls

Golf balls don’t come cheap, especially if you are opting for balls with specialist features. There are so many premium brands out there, so if you’re forking out a little extra for those special golf ball benefits, you need to apply the appropriate care. Here is a quick guide on how to clean your golf balls.

Best Exercises For Golf

Playing good golf is not just using the woods and irons, but there is a very important physical side to it. Read the article, and find out what else is important.

How to Lower and Improve Your Golf Handicap

When you learn how to lower and improve your golf handicap it also leads to enhancing your overall golf game. But first, you need to understand that your handicap is not the score of a single game.

Choosing a Wedge to Play

People spend a lot of time searching for the right drivers, fairway woods, and iron sets, but there is on club they don’t pay much attention to. Read why the wedge is as important as any other club.

Types of Bags Required For Keeping Golf Bag Accessories

Choosing the right type of golf bag is important to you. It is because you have to keep your golf equipments and accessories in it. If you have the right kind of golf bag accessories, you can focus more on your game and, thus can have more fun. You can find golf bags on various online stores as well as sports goods stores.

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