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The Golf World Without Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods brought glamour and popularity to the game of golf and has remained one of the most popular golf players ever. He has won more trophies than most popular golfers living or dead, with about 96 career victories in his kitty since 1996 making him a living legend in the world of golf, without whom the history of golf would never be complete. His exploits has made many people who never loved the game of golf to become ardent followers of the game, and his presence has also brought reputable sponsors to the golf world.

Method Golf Instruction

The swing method ‘teaser’ is out there. You heard it. You saw it work. Then you see an article in your favorite golf magazine and now they’re talking about this new swing method on the GOLF CHANNEL.

Lower Your Golf Scores With Same Basic Bunker Tips, Make More Birdies

Beat your golf buddies by making more birdies. Get up and down on that intimidating bunker shot.

How to Swing Like Ernie Els – Get a Silky Smooth Swing With These 3 Tips!

I bet you would like to learn how to swing like Ernie Els. Ernie Els has one of the best golf swings of all time, and there is little anyone can do to tell me any different. I have been studying the golf swing for years, and I have played with a lot of good golfers in my college golf career, but I have never seen a swing like his.

How to Hit a Flop Shot Like Phil Mickelson – You Can Do it Too!

Do you want to learn how to hit a flop shot like Phil Mickelson? After all he has one of the best short games in the world, so why would you not want to learn from him. In this article, I am going to show you how to hit a great flop shot, just like some of the best golfers in the world. This is the same basic technique used by Tiger, Phil, Ernie, Vijay, and many of the other top players in the world.

Why I Will Still Cheer For Tiger Woods

It is a shame what Tiger has done to golf, his fans, and most importantly his family. Clearly he made some mistakes, and I am not here to dispute that, nor in any way condone what he did. Adultery is wrong, period. If you take a vow to be faithful to your spouse then you should live up to it, and there is no question that Tiger Woods fell short.

10 Tips For Better Golf

It’s not as easy as the pro’s make it look! Get some good tips to help you improve your score and enjoyment of the game.

Common Golf Swing Flaws – 3 Fixes For Your Golf Swing

There are many aspects of the golf swing that are vital to your success, as well as many common golf swing flaws. All of these swing fundamentals tend to build on each other. While I could go into great detail about every flaw in the golf swing and write a 10,000 word thesis, I will spare you the details. In this article I am going to talk about the most common golf swing flaws, and how you can cure them in 3 easy steps!

Learning to Play Golf Professionally

Playing golf professionally sounds like one of those dream jobs that everyone wants. Those that are successful at playing golf professionally get to travel to beautiful locations all over the world, their idea of work is playing a sport that they love every day, and the money is pretty attractive as well. It does not take a lot of imagination for figure out why someone would want to be a professional golfer.

Where Should You Spend Your Next Golf Vacation? Some Unusual Choices to Consider

When Americans think of a golf vacation we naturally think of some of the great golf destinations in the United States. We are certainly wealthy beyond belief with great choices in beautiful locations such as Monterey, Hilton Head, Scottsdale, and, of course, the Hawaiian Islands. But great golf resorts are not confined to the United States and are cropping up in some unusual locations.

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