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Common Mistakes Made By Golf Beginners

Golf is considered to be one of the classiest games on the planet right now. The reason for this is simply that most people view golf as a game that only the rich can play. However, while this may have been how it was a few years ago, nowadays golf has become accessible to the rest of us. As a result, there are now many more people playing golf than ever before.

Golf Backswing Tips – Focus On Hands And Arms

If you want to be a good ball striker, you’ve got to have a golf backswing that is repeatable. Here’s a couple of simple tips to improve your consistency, and eliminate several swing faults.

Disabled Golf: Buying a New Driver

Want that new driver to help your game? For disabled golfers a good club fitting session or adaptive club can make all the difference. What you should know before you buy.

Important Tips on Using the New Long Putter

The tips in this article will help you learn to use the new Long putter which is gaining popularity recently. These are good, how-to tips you can use now.

Golf Lesson Primer

Primer on choosing a golf teacher. Insight into how a great teacher thinks and relates. finding a teacher who fulfills your needs.

How To Pick A Golf Bag

If you are new to golf or are just thinking about purchasing a new golf bag, there are a few things you need to consider before you purchase. What Type Of Golfer Are You? This should be your major consideration before the purchase.

Golf Training Aid – Tour Striker Review

The Tour Striker is a new and popular golf training aid which helps to ensure you are in proper swing position when making contact with the ball. This article outlines the pros and cons of the Tour Striker and provides insider information on its use.

Golf Tips On Chipping For All Skill Levels

Chipping is one of the hardest shots to master but yet as critical as having a reliable putting stroke. No matter how good a game you have the truth is you will not reach the green on every hole. Those shots that are just off the green but are too close for a full shot require a gentler touch with your club better known as the chip shot. The best thing about a chip shot is you do not need the power swing of a touring pro as this is a shot that can be mastered with practice and the improvements to your game are immediate.

Developing and Maintaining Fast, Consistent Greens on the Golf Course

One of the true hallmarks of a great golf course is its greens. So what is the gauge for great greens? Most professionals will tell you the speed and consistency are the true barometers for an outstanding putting surface. Constant scrutiny of the greens is necessary to avoid any fungi, diseases, overdoses of nitrogen or drainage problems which leads to rapid deterioration of putting surfaces.

3 Tips for Improving Your Short Putt

One of the most important things that can be done to better your round of golf is certainly to improve your putting. While it might appear impossible, merely practicing and working to enhance a few small details on the short putt will considerably improve your abilities.

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