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How to Execute a Basic Golf Swing

There are people who believe that golf players are born with the gift and talent to play the game inside them. This means that they have the talent and this is what they can do and achieve the best. Others believe that to be a good golfer all one needs is to train hard and be serious about it.

How to Correct a Golf Slice – Learn More About It

Almost every amateur golfer finds themselves with a tendency to slice in a golf swing. For a golf player to stop this, they have to go back to some of the basic things they learnt about golf. This article contains some advice on how to correct a golf slice.

Better Golf Methods Will Assist You to Reduce Your Score

Golf is a sport that can try anyone’s patience–even the most avid player. Fortunately, there are systems and programs that can tune up your golf swing and get you more enjoyment on the links.

Golf – Shooting in the 70’s!

7 golf tips that if exercised will help improve one’s golf game. Golf instruction for beginners and pros.

How to Eradicate Golf Slices

Golf is one of the most interesting games with the largest number of fans around the world. It can be played by people from all genders but is commonly played by men. There are various techniques that one needs to know and exercise while learning this game.

Better Golf Methods Will Assist You in Lowering Your Score

Let’s be honest. Golf is a tough sport. Even devoted players have their patience tested with this sport. However, there are systems available that will help you develop your swing and get more out of the game you love.

How to Ensure That You Achieve Great Shots in Golf

One thing about golf that cannot be disputed is the fact that there are always people watching from the sides of the lawn, and are always eager to cheer and shout each time a golfer attains a great shot. This is when the golfer has hit the ball and has it exactly land in the targeted area. However, hitting the ball awkwardly not only sends it flying in the wrong direction, but may also be an embarrassing situation in front of all the people around.

A Masterful Performance by Phil Mickelson

Starting last Monday, and even before that, all the talk about the Masters centered on Tiger Woods. First there was media speculation, then the press conference, then more media speculation, then Billy Payne’s silly remarks, then even sillier remarks by Charles Barkley, and thankfully the tournament got started on Thursday, where one of the old coots, (60 year old Tom Watson), charged out of the gate to get the party started.

The Basic Steps to Improving Your Golf Swing

Playing golf really requires initiative on the side of the player and it requires one to take time and develop the playing method that one deems fit. A golfer should ensure that he practices the fundamentals of the game until they are completely soaked into their muscles because this really helps in building confidence, which ultimately leads to resounding success in the game.

How to Perform the Perfect Golf Backswing

Would you be interested in knowing how to perform the best golf swing but are having problems not knowing how to start? Do you want to know how to carry it out and are looking for ways to improve the golfing performance? This article is just written for you and you will not only find it an interesting read but it will also provide all the information you need in order to perform the perfect swing.

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