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What is the Best Golf Nutrition

For many years, the sport of golf has been thought of as a game for the wealthy and the retired, making it more like a leisurely sport, rather than one that demands physical exertion. With the latest addition of famous golf athletes who are often young looking and well trimmed, most players are now becoming more aware of the roles that nutrition and exercise play on one’ golf game.

5 Factors to Consider When Buying Golf Umbrellas

The main aim of golf umbrellas is to protect the players from rain and harsh sunrays. If you are planning to shop for golf umbrellas in the near future then you must consider some important points.

Is Golf Impossible With Arthritis?

If you’re starting to get worried that having arthritis means giving up your favorite game, well, worry no more. Unless you are in a very advanced stage where you can hardly stand up, or are suffering from paralysis, there is no reason for you to stop playing golf.

Is Increased Flexibility the Key to Preventing Golfing Injuries to Your Lower Back?

Have you ever gotten off the course and your lower back is stiff or sore? It is thought that as many as two thirds of all amateurs will incur a lower back injury in their golfing career. This number of injuries is extremely high, and is probably even higher in actuality, given that a lot of injuries go unreported, and could have been prevented with proper stretching and strengthening of your “trunk” area.

Four Keys to Consistently Making Great Shots Every Time

Every golfer has the goal or dream of playing every shot like a pro, and sometimes this seems like the impossible dream. But it doesn’t have to be an impossible dream and by following the principle of mastering the basics first, the rest of us can achieve a consistently good game of golf, every time we play. Even the pros have to pay attention to all the basic elements of the game or risk under-achieving by allowing their game to become inconsistent and inaccurate.

Starting Point

Starting at the beginning is usually the best way forward, but in my golfing experience to date, I seem to have started from the beginning a few times….fingers crossed this is my last time. So what’s my Journey all about?

Golf Driver Clubs – Tips For Selecting the Correct Club

Most amateur golfers understand the importance of selecting genuine golf driver clubs. This is also important equipment as it’s main purpose is for driving the golf ball a much greater distance.

Advantages of a Cooler For Your Golf Bag

It would be a very smart idea to buy an insulated golf bag cooler that is portable for your drink of choice. These great coolers are insulated to keep drinks cool, waterproof to keep rain out, and they have soft sides so they can be shoved into a compartment of the golf bag before you hit the course. If you run out of fluids, you can always fold the bag up or use it as an extra storage bag for the golf equipment.

Current Standard

Before I set myself some targets it’s useful to know where my game is currently at. It may also give some insight into my thought processes.

Change Your Putting Philosophy So You Can Stay in the Present, the Zone, and Hole More Putts

If you have read more than one article on playing your best then you will have heard time and time again about forgetting about results and staying in the present. Doing it in real play, especially when you are emotionally tied in with the result is not all that easy to do.

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