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Shirt Stays Can Improve Your Dressing Style at Golf

When it comes to golf, the game of gentlemen, a game that is for the elite and rich, you will be surrounded by people who are very well off, so it is quite essential to look rich, as luxurious as you can to mingle with them and to gain respect. A poor clothing may make others at the golf course to stare at you and even Caddies not respecting, putting you into the hole instead of the pill. Golf clothing in itself is not an easy thing to learn in a single stretch, it has a lot of detailed parts which are…

Hybrid Clubs – Go Get Them Now

Hybrid golf clubs swing like an iron, but offer the distance of woods. Any golfer who has not yet tried these clubs should run out immediately and test them out.

Ten Tips For a Perfect Myrtle Beach Golf Package

Are you planning a golf trip to Myrtle Beach? Check out these ten tips.

Golf Advice – Get Your Golf Clubs Fitted For a Perfect Game

As your skills in golf improve, you would definitely want to have the best golf clubs that will complement your game. Ever considered getting your golf clubs customized? Read on to find out how golf clubs especially fitted for you can improve your game.

Shopping For Pro Golf Fans

Can’t think of the right gift to give your pro golf fan? Try suggestions on this article for some smart ideas.

What Should I Wear on the Golf Course? Golf Wardrobe Advice For Men and Women

Many golf courses have dress codes for both male and female golfers. I have seen people not properly dressed at a golf course be denied play because of what they were wearing. Below are a few golf attire choices that will be acceptable at any golf course.

The “Amateur Golfer” Status

Golf is a difficult game to learn to play well, the average amateur golfers’ average score is about 97. Most amateur golfers average less than 100 in an 18 hole round.

How Golf Short Game Practice Will Help Lower Your Handicap

If you are looking for the best way to lower your handicap in a hurry, golf short game practice is your best option to shave strokes off your score card in a hurry. Golf short game practice is the most important area of golf to work on, and there are many reasons why I say this.

Golfing in the Sun – 4 Tips to Keep Cool

Summer time is the best time to be out on the golf course. Unfortunately the sun can also hinder your golf game. Dehydration, sunstroke, and sweat can all be factors that make it hard for you to golf your best. Following these tips will keep you playing at your best regardless of the heat and sun.

Build a Putting Green For Playing Golf

Golfing is a pleasure in your backyard. A putting green in the backyard is a must for avid golfers. With it, they can practice golf even without the need to travel far or pay in hefty golf range fees.

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