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Four Guidelines For Practicing Golf

Golf is a difficult game to play well. To get better at it, to even maintain the skills you have, you have to practice. To make a practice plan pay off and be something you will pursue, these are some helpful guidelines.

The Secrets to Mastering the Art of Backspin on Your Golf Ball

When you want to improve any aspect of your golf game, remember to take an overall view of what is required and what will influence the outcome best. Getting the right amount of spin on your ball is a technique that could well make a huge difference to the outcome of your short game…

Long Bunker Shots – How to Hit Them

Bunker shots seem to be the bane of the recreational golfer. Getting the ball out is an accomplishment, never mind getting it close to the hole. From longer distances, though, bunker shots don’t get harder. They get easier.

The Must-Dos in Golf Training

A weighted club: one of the most basic equipments required for golf training. It is required for enabling a golfer accomplish two different aspects of golf swing at the same time – conditioning of muscles and work on the swing.

The Wrist Swing Aid Helps Everyone Improve Golfing

The wrist swing vector is one of the best golf aids available which helps golf lovers improve their handicap score. The wrist swing aid benefit is its unique and simple design which prevents the player’s leading wrist from hinging during the swing motion. The device fits over the golfer’s forearm and marries to the club handle. The swing aid shaped feature maintains the club face square to the target zone during the down swing action.

Control Your Golf Thoughts on Every Swing – See the Shot, Feel Confident & Increase Consistency Now

Would it be nice if the trouble areas on your golf course seemed tiny and insignificant? What if that pond in front of your green just melted away and your mind was filled with a big bright green as the feeling of confidence filled your body, would that be good? If you could learn to be fully focussed on hitting a great shot do you think you would play better golf today?

How to Fix Golf Slice Shots Fast

Do you hit slice shots? I have worked with many golfers at my golf school who do, and it could be argued that the golf slice is the Achilles heel of the average golfer.

Honma Golf Club Creation – The Pursuit of Perfection

In the great words of Dr Bob Rotella (a leading sports psychologist), golf is not a game of perfect. There is no perfect swing, no perfect technique, shot or decision, just the best we can do. However, Japanese club makers Honma (for over 50 years) do their utmost to defy this statement. They continue to strive for perfection from their clubs, and by using the best materials possible and arduous dedication to their craft, they get pretty damn close.

The Golf Grip – What a Little Bug Spray Can Teach You

In this article, we are going to talk about the golf grip. We are not going to talk about particular grip styles. Rather, we are going to talk about golf grip philosophy.

Golf – Choose the Right Club to Hit That Short Shot

A critical part of hitting a short game shot is choosing the right club. It’s not too hard to hit the shot straight. Getting the ball close to the hole means controlling the distance it is hit. The club you select is a major factor in accomplishing that.

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