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Golf Club Review – Knowing the Better Brands and Golf Clubs

Golf needs a proper equipment in order to get good results. In this article, we discuss the importance of reading golf reviews in order that the golfer will be able to get an insight on the features of the golfing equipment.

Golf Club Fitting May Be Costly, But it is Also Very Beneficial in the Long Run

Customized golf clubs will enable players to improve their game. Here, we will be discussing the essentials required in customizing the equipment. By customizing, the player will be able to enjoy the game better.

Winter Golf Marketing – How to Market Your Golf Club in the Snow

Smart operators know that the winter months are an excellent time to build your database for spring. They also know that both internet use and direct mail response increases dramatically in the winter! Why? Because people have nothing better to do, most of the NFL games are over and TV is in re-run mode. Now is the time to strike with contests, free downloads, fantasy golf games, surveys, tips, in fact, anything you can do to continue a dialog with your customers and potential customers.

Using a Golf GPS to Improve Your Game

A GPS for golf has the ability to track a lot of information on the golf course such as scores, distances and hole history. The more you use one you will find that it can give you an edge on improving your golf game.

A Men’s Golf Driver Trend is Adding More Thrills to the Game

This trend in men’s golf driver clubs is making the game easier and more fun for professionals and amateurs alike. Hitting a perfect drive down the middle of the fairway is one of golfs biggest thrills.

Using Your Pitching Wedge to Save Shots

Under ordinary circumstances, you want to chip with a club with as little loft as possible. However, there are two situations where a pitching wedge is the perfect club to use to chip or pitch the golf ball.

5 Critical Factors to Help You Master a Golf Swing Like the Pros Quickly

The golf swing is the generally imperative element of the game, and many golfers often underestimate the importance of the swing. Golfers who simply pick up a club and swing the ball to strike it can deal with serious injuries which can destroy their enjoyment of the sport.

Don’t Just Smack the Ball, Swing Smoothly – “A Golfing Mistake Made by Many”

Many people go golfing to relieve stress and that’s all fine and dandy. If that’s why you’re there then by all means hit that poor little ball as hard as your muscles will let you. However if you going there to play a good game of golf, and working on getting your par numbers down then just hitting the ball with all your might isn’t the way you want to proceed.

Learn to Putt – In 10 Minutes Lower Your Scores by 12 Strokes!

What is the correct putting technique? How do I gauge distance? How do I stop missing short putts? Your questions are answered here.

Lower Golf Scores – How Three Putts Hurt You and How to Stop Three Putting and Lower Scores

The average golfer three putts 8 to 10 holes a round. See how easily you can shave 10 strokes off of your game.

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