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Golfers Need to Stretch to Decrease Low Back Pain

The repetitive stress on certain muscles will never go away if you are one of those who “can’t live without golf”. Pre golf game stretching is always a good idea, but also, adding a stretching routine that you do at the end of the day, which includes all your muscles groups, is a step further you can take so that you can golf (play tennis, dance, walk, hike, etc.) “forever”. This will not take your focus away from golf, though my suggestion may appear to do so. Once you experience the benefits of an easy at home regimen of resistance stretching, you’ll find that many tensions you may have that you have not related to golf, start to release.

Emotional Control in Golf – Learn Neutral Emotions of the Professional Swing Sequence

The difference between winners and losers is not so much in the mechanics of the swings they make but in their ability to control their thoughts and emotions around the course no matter what occurs, good or bad. It is going to be your ability to stabilise your emotions in a centred, neutral state for each shot which determines how close you cone to achieving your true potential.

Basic Techniques to Improve Your Golf Swing

Golf is one of the rare sports where it’s all about an individual and not a team. Players rely more on themselves than others to achieve their goals.

Perfect Golf Swing Drills – Play a Fade Or Draw, Lower Your Golf Scores

During a round of golf there are always times when you face shots where you need to play a fade or a draw to avoid trouble. Most golfers have a real problem working the ball and end up missing the shot or trying a different route all together.

Perfect Tee Set Up in 4 Simple Steps

When a golfer steps up for their tee shot, most assume it is a shot like any other, with the same routine and set up involved. This could not be further from the truth. Golfing is a game of inches. Setting up right at the tee box means a better chance at having easier golf shots through the entire hole.

Your Golf Fitness Program

If you want to get serious about your golf, it will be important that you begin a quality golf fitness program. Here are some tips.

Stay in the Present For Golf – How Will You Know If You Are Playing in the Present?

Staying in the present or the moment, being fully here and now is a fundamental “must have” if you are ever to achieve your best in golf. In fact without this skill you will never even come close to playing the kind of golf you are truly capable of. You must learn what playing in the present is and have the knowledge and ability to recognise when you are NOT in the present moment so you can stop and change before making your golf swing.

What Are Golf Bags?

Golf bags serve a lot of functions during your round of golf. No matter either you are using a golf stand bag or a golf cart bag the bag wants to make you relaxed while you are practicing or playing your round of golf.

Driver Golf Club Tips

When you want to be successful at the game of golf, you need to have the right type of golf clubs. There are a lot of different clubs that are used to help with specific types of hits. You should have a variety of clubs to help you with the various shots you have to make in the game.

Swing Like Your Favorite Golf Pro

Most golfers have a professional that’s their favorite. They study them as they watch them on TV. They want to imitate their swing and hit just like them.

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