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Budget Las Vegas Golf Clubs

Golf is an exciting sport that is practiced by 60 millions players over the world and the number is increasing every year. However, this game had the image of an elite sport that is only available to the highest class of the society because the prices of the equipment and the fees for the courses were high in the past. But in the last 10 years the situation has changed drastically. Golf courses are opened to a broader audience and the prices for the necessary equipment have dropped.

Focus, Precision, Learning and Their Effect on Golf – Article 5 of 13 in Series

The human mind is always learning and performs best when it gets accurate feedback from which it can learn to perform better. The mind also loves precision so when most golfers behave in an imprecise manner on the course, the mind is not stimulated to produce its best. We are genetically programmed for precision. Know where to be precise, how this increases learning and ramps up your on course focus.

How Do I Fix My Golf Swing? Top 3 Tips

Looking to fix your golf swing? Join the club! I’m going over the top 3 tips that you can use to drastically improve your score, and fix your swing in no time.

Improve Your Golf Swing and Pep Up Your Golf

Whatever the reason is for you to improve golf swing, be it balance, body posture or power, there is a way to help you improve it and put you on the course to playing successful golf. If you are a novice to the game, don’t bother about what other players might think or say about your game; concentrate on improving your game because that is all that matters.

The Golf Shank – What it is and a Simple Cure

The most embarrassing and annoying shot is the golf shank, but why does it happen and how can you fix it? This article explains the golf shank and gives you a very simple drill to help you eliminate the golf shanks forever.

Help With My Short Game! A Wake Up Call From a Golf Teaching Professional

This article discusses four keys to the short game, as well as a few very important strategic points that every golfer should implement in his or her short game. You’ll never ask for help with your short game again!

The Key to Golf Course Stamina

Many golfers can go the first nine holes of a round shooting like a pro, but on the back nine they fizzle. It’s as if they passed the baton to a different golfer. Where the drives were going straight down the fairway, now they are slicing and hooking all over the place. They can’t hit an iron or make a putt. What happens to causes this change?

More Power in Your Golf Swing – Rotate, Don’t Slide

Hands up everyone who does not want more power in the back swing. I thought so! All golfers are looking for maximum golf driving distance and it is this quest that makes for a troubled game of golf.

Improving Your Golf – With Immediate Real Results

How many times have you hit your Golf ball and thought to yourself “What A Fantastic Shot!” and then suddenly see it zoom into the trees? Read the full Article to find out how to IMPROVE your GOLF!

Tips For Putting Success

Many golfers spend so much time practicing their driving at the range or in the backyard that they can be confident of getting on to the green in regulation but what happens then? How many times have you heard,”On the green in two, down in six?” Perhaps it is something you often say yourself, but it does not have to be like that.

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