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Golf Pitching Technique – Tips to Improve Golf Pitch Shots for Beginners

The golf pitching technique is yet another important golf technique you need to perfect in order to excel in the game of golf. The golf pitching stroke is the shot where you would be required to hit the ball above and over any water hazards or bunker to reach the putting green. For most golfers, the ability to do well in the short game of pitching, chipping and putting can make up for their deficiency in the long shots. The correct technique can turn a potentially bad score positively for you if you are able to loft the ball over the hazards in the greens close enough to the hole for the follow through one-putt.

Ashdon Putters Award-Winning Design Will Surprise You With Their Precision Feel and Ease of Use

Everyday when we are out doing a demo day for our “Ashdon Putters”, I am rewarded and encouraged by a customer’s satisfaction and comments. Recently, while working at a Country Club in the San Diego area, Mr. Fritz Long stated that “this is the best putter I have ever had. Once the ball is hit it stays on line and has a true roll”.

7 Reasons To Visit Las Sendas Golf Club And Stay!

The Las Sendas golf course was designed by Robert Trent Jones, Jr. and is renowned for its greens and sweeping views. The name Robert Trent Jones is synonymous with golf and high end design. The name is unrivaled among golf course architects in the global marketplace, from the Americas to Europe to Asia. In South Africa, in Kashmir, in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam; in the Caribbean and Mexico; and anywhere else in the world that grass grows, Robert Trent Jones II sets the standard for quality golf course design. Las Sendas Golf Club is 1 of only 5 RTJ designed courses in Arizona!

How Much Grip Pressure Do I Apply to My Golf Club?

Professional golfers agree that over tightness will severely affect the natural free flowing action of a golf swing. It is our belief that by gripping the club tightly we can help muscle the club head into the back of the ball and thus create more distance. This is a complete myth.

6 Tips on Perfect Golf Conditioning Exercises

Even the professional players of PGA and world class golfers follow a strict regimen to condition their body for golf playing. In this article I will provide some exercise tips which are effective and useful.

Corporate Golf Events – Take a Day Off In Style

Golf is considered to be the rich man’s sport. This is because the equipment required for playing this game like golf sticks and bags are very expensive. Also, in order to play this game, you need a specific large area with a special kind of landscape. The grass should be smooth and evenly trimmed, and this can only be achieved with proper maintenance. You need a golf cart to move around on the field as you play the game. Thus, this is a game that requires a specially maintained a golf course. Membership of golf course is very costly, as a result.

Golf Course Ecology And Environment

This write-up discusses the ecology and environment that exists on golf courses. It talks about what can be done to ensure the areas of the course that are not used as fairways, greens and other areas the golf balls are played along, are used for the benefit of the ecosystem.

Don’t Be Average, Shoot the Best Golf Scores of Your Life, It’s Easier Than You Think

Today’s average golf score for an 18 hole round is the same as it was 25 years ago. Ask yourself, with all the improvements in Equipment how can that be? Don’t be Average, Learn the old school power move to deliver the golf club to the ball with more power, accuracy and consistency than you ever though possible and shoot the best scores of your life!

Buying an Electric Golf Trolley

With an electric golf trolley you can play a round of golf and not tire yourself out carrying your clubs. What should you know before you buy, find out here.

Addressing the Golf Ball: 5 Things to Think About

If you feel as though all of the information you have acquired about the golf swing is locking you up when you get out on the golf course, this article will be of benefit to you. It will help you simplify things when you are on the course, and give you some direction on some key things to think about.

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