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How to Dress for Golf and Why Is There a Dress Code?

You always see so many contrasting styles of dress on the golf course and at the driving range and this is one of the many idiosyncrasies that makes golf so interesting. It can be the guy who plays rarely and is dressed in casual looking shorts or pants that have not been made for golf and a regular looking T shirt, to the guy who has the latest Nike shirts, pants, shoes and cap and then the retired gentleman wearing long socks and shorts with a regular button up shirt and flat cap.

Golf Putting Tips and Instruction to Lower Your Score

Here we list you basic golf putting tips that’s helps you to lower your golf score. If you really serious about your golf score focus on your basic golf putting tips.

How to Develop a Good Chipping Grip

Have you been told that you need to develop a chipping grip in order to have better chip shots? Are you at the point of not wanting to make a chip shot at all? Don’t worry, the basic chip shot is very easy to learn once you are comfortable with your chipping grip. After you have mastered the grip, you simply allow the loft of the club to do all the work for you.

Must You Have Golf Instruction Lessons To Play a Better Golf Game?

Everybody can learn how to play golf easily. But are you playing golf just for the sake of the game or playing to win? If it is the latter, then you may want to get good golf instruction lessons to be at the top of your game.

Unique Golf Gifts For That Unique Golfer You Know

For that special golfer who’s only commonality with everyone else is at the 19th hole, there are certain unique golf gifts that will truly excite their soul. For example, there are all types of people that exist in this world – people who are defined by their passion and keen interest in life. One of them is the vegetarian golfer who’ll equate golfing as the same as eating healthy.

Improve Golf Distance and Accuracy

When you are trying to improve golf distance and accuracy you need to employ the correct techniques in you backswing and downswing. The following article demonstrates the best techniques to improving your distance without letting your accuracy suffer.

Why Casual Golfers Have Trouble With a Traditional Golf Swing!

Most of casual golf players have issues with golf swing inconsistency. To address the golf swing issues, casual golfer has two choices; to physically shape up and practice daily or to use the swing aids available on the market. The first choice might not be a viable option due to some body flexibility limitations most of golf players have.

Medicus Driver Review

Before we begin, we must discuss what exactly the Medicus driver is. Imagine a driver that tells you how to swing properly, a driver which allows you to fix your swing on the fly… you have just imagined the Medicus driver. This driver includes 2 hinges which will bend during your back or downswing to let you know your doing something wrong! How wonderful is that?

How to Fix A Slice With A Driver

Have you been struggling to learn how to fix a slice with a driver? If so your not alone. The large majority of people who play this silly game have this common problem. In this article I’m going to provide you with a few tips that will help you try and straighten out that dreaded banana ball!

3 Proven Ways to Chip Like A Golf Professional

Chipping in golf is often considered to be one of the easiest aspects of the game to learn. It’s strange then why so many golfers struggle to get the basics of a chip shot right. Here are 3 tips that practically guarantee a successful chip every time.

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