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Kid’s Golf Clubs – 10 Points to Give Your Kid a Good Start in Golf

There are several key points to be aware of before you get your child involved in the game of golf. 1. Unless he or she shows an avid interest at an early age, it is best to wait until at least the age of six before involving your child in golf. Usually by that age they have a better grasp at understanding and following instructions.

Golf Short Game – When Putting From Off the Green is the Answer

Surprising as this may seem, if you are close to the green, the grass is closely mown, it’s not too wet and there are no obstacles between the ball and the flag, then always consider putting first rather than chipping. It may not look as elegant as a finely-executed chip shot, but unless you are a scratch player or have a very low handicap then on a percentage basis, you are more likely to putt the ball closer to the hole than if you chip. At the end of the day, we are trying to reduce our score here, rather than please the crowd (what crowd?!), so don’t be afraid to play the percentage game! When putting from off the green rather than pitching and chipping, you should approach the shot as you would a putt on the green.

Golf Swing Lesson – Get Into the Swing of Golf

Who needs Golf Swing Lessons, not me I thought. Read how I got set up as a newbie and made a complete laughing stock on my very first day on the Golf course. Yes very funny…

Best Golf GPS 2009

The best golf GPS 2009 review can help you sort out the confusing golf GPS marketplace. That way you can find the right unit for your budget and needs. In this list of the best golf GPS 2009 systems, I’ve not only listed the best systems, but I also give you a quick snapshot of each one. Read this article to find out more about the best golf GPS 2009.

How to Find Discount Golf Balls Without Sacrificing Quality

There are several factors that come into play when thinking about buying golf balls. That’s why buying discount golf balls is sometimes considered a daunting task. However, if you know exactly what steps to take to find the best balls at a great price, things will go much more smoothly, and you’ll never have a problem choosing golf balls again. Here’s how to find the best discount balls for your money.

Cheap Golf Balls – A Waste of Money Or a Wise Decision?

In these economic times, many of us are looking to save some money on something. And that’s all fine and good. That’s why stores have sales and discounted items. However, sometimes there is this concept that says that it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice quality for price. That’s what’s meant by the phrase “you get what you pay for.” By no means is this the hard and fast rule, but it is something to think about when considering buying cheap golf balls.

Leather Golf Bags – A Variety of Styles

When a golfer hears the term leather golf bags he usually thinks of the big bulky bags that are typically found on tour. However, leather golf bags actually come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Technologies in Taylor Made Drivers

They are said to be the number one brand on every major professional golf tour in the world and to be on the fore front of technology in drivers design. Next you will find the Technologies that gave Taylor Made Adidas renown and recognition among golf enthusiasts and the real life benefits of their incorporation into the Taylor Made Drivers line.

Taylor Made R7 Driver Limited – The Technician Player Driver

If your drives appear to go up and come right back down when comparing with your partners it is because you are generating less than optimal spin with your driver and the Taylor Made Driver R7 Limited might just become the best golf driver for you it will help you get more carry and more distance out of your drives. Even out, if you do not cope with this profile, there is a lot to like in the TaylorMade R7.

Taylor Made R9 Driver – What Are the Secret Powers of This Amazing Driver?

The most advanced driver ever created by Taylor Made, this is a big statement knowing that the company has been at the fore front of driver technology maintaining a consistent presence at the top of golf club innovation. The Taylor Made R9 Driver has clean lines and an aerodynamic shape very pleasing to the eye, although its strength is in the power that the Taylor Made R9 has as a result of the technology involved in its construction.

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