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Pro Golf Swing Help – Ruling the Course With Your Irons

When I first started golfing in my early 20s, I had illusions of just walking out onto the course and enjoying golf. Soon after I began hitting the driving range daily and trying almost every product known to man to get that pro golf swing. Some would help, others not so much.

How Can Golf Handicap Software Improve Your Game?

Being a genuine golfer, you understand that golf is not simply about showing off your physical attributes in the game. Golf,without a doubt is the one sport that is mostly mental ,one reality that puts to disgrace all those costly golf training aids that pledge to make you become a better golfer because they only concentrate on the physical aspect of the player. Those kinds of training supplies simply can’t deliver like a golf handicap software.

Wrist and Hand Action – What They Do in the Backswing and Forward Swing

Wrist action, the fourth of ten distinctions in the centrifugal force swing and the muscular force swing. In the centrifugal force swing, there is turning and rolling and cocking and uncocking. In the muscular force swing, there is only cocking and uncocking.

Hooked on Golf – A Slice of a Golf Addict’s Tale & How to Lessen the Effects of Addiction (part 2)

In my first article, I described how my interest was aroused in this frustrating game called golf. This next article describes my slow descent from interest to fascination, which is only a step away from addiction!

Hooked on Golf – A Slice of a Golf Addict’s Tale & How to Lessen the Effects of Addiction

This is a first slice of the long tale of how an addict became hooked on golf, a game invented by sadists for masochists, which should really be called flog, his tips on how to lessen the effects of such addiction and perhaps even wean yourself off it.

Why Play Golf?

There are many reasons to take up golf. It is a hugely accessible sport that can be played by anyone. It is no longer the game of the elite, with just the gentry turning up before breakfast to play a quick 18…

What is the Game of Golf?

In the most basic terms, the aim of golf is to put a ball in a hole on 18 different parts of a course in as few shots as possible, using only a selection of clubs to hit the afore mentioned ball. Now while that sounds like it couldn’t be more simple, there is a lot of thought put in by players of all abilities between the tee and the hole – knowing which way to go on a course is the cornerstone to winning. Many players like to boast about how far they can send a golf ball down a fairway, but in truth, that is only a small part of what is a complex game.

Grip Placement – How You Grip the Club

How the hands are placed on the golf club is the third of ten distinctions between the two prefect golf swings. The two perfect golf swings are The Centrifugal Force Swing (swinging swing) and The Muscular Force Swing (hitting swing).

A Momentous Moment in Time

It was like unto the most unlikely of events; a 300 game deciding a National Bowling Championship; a triple play with bases loaded ending the World’s Series; the World Cup upset victory by a Goooooaal from midfield; a whiffed drive in a playoff at the Masters; a miscue in the finals of the World Pool Championship; a love set at Wimbledon. Tom Watson winning his 6th British Open Championship, 32 years after defeating Jack Nicklaus at Turnberry and becoming by ll years the oldest golfer to win a major fully nine years after qualifying for the “SeniorTour.”

Your Golf Form May Be Hurting More Than Your Game

The dreaded reverse pivot – the ugliest form in golf. Have you been plagued by the awful occurrence? If you have, it may be hurting more than just your score.

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