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Great Putting Drill To Improve Your Ball Striking

There are some great golf putting drills out there that can help you to improve your putting technique, distance control, direction control and many other areas of your putting performance. However, there are not that many good ones that will help you to improve your ball striking abilities.

How To Improve Your Long Range Golf Putting

If you are serious about improving your golfing performance and lowering your golf scores, then the quickest way to do this is to focus on improving your short game and in particular your golf putting. Hopefully my golf putting tips below on how to improve your long range putting will help you on your way.

How To Hit A Great Sand Shot – Tips and Drills

Hitting a good sand shot requires good tempo, good club head speed, the ability to hit the ball fat, and a sufficient wrist hinge. If you are able to do all of these things, you will hit great bunker shots, and as a result score better and have more fun.

Golf Training – How to Correct a Slice

If you’ve been golfing for some time, you will know that many people have the same problem, the slice. This can be the number one thing that kills your golf game, and can be the most difficult thing to correct.

Golf Swing Training – What Makes a Perfect Swing

If your game is in need of some serious advice, you have come to the right place. Everyone from the first time golfer to the pro knows how important it will be to find the perfect swing.

6 Super Foods for a Super Round of Golf

Good nutrition is the foundation for peak athletic performance. It’s no different for golfers. Golf requires that your body and mind are properly fueled up to perform at their best. Using food properly as a tool for top golfing performance means adhering to a daily program of good eating. But there are some special considerations for what to eat before and during your round that will enhance your play.

Golf Is a Hard Game

In this article we will try to analyze what motion is needed to make a good golf swing. How much of it is natural and how we mentally make it hard. Some of the terms in golf will be discussed, and what they really mean.

About Golf Instruction

What is there about golf instruction that makes players think they can do it just because they play? Any kind of instruction follows a process. What is most important in the teaching process?

The Basic Golf Swing

The golf swing is a creation of a circle around a fixed point. Like when drawing a circle with a compass the radius will remain the same if the center point is not moved.

3 Tips To Improve Putting With The Proper Putting Stance

Where you aware that if your putting stance is not correct this could be the reason you miss more putts? Learn these 3 tips that will help you improve putting by having the proper putting stance.

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